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  3. The French sailors who he met earlier in the day, who thought he was a very nice and cool guy.
  4. Visiting stands at the Maritime Festival
  5. with a couple of photos
  6. Visiting Aarhus University "autocampus", which gives info on how to combine elite sport and studying.
  8. General news about F&M 2018

    This was yesterday, Friday. The festival seems to be only half an hours drive from Marseliborg Palace, Aarhus, where he has the official events today. And also with "Suspekt and Post Malone"
  9. "When Crown Prince Frederik visits the World Championships in sailing on Saturday, he visits the sailors in the medal race boat park at the Sailing Center, and visits the local sailors' tents." - And he is also presenting some medals.
  10. 11. August 2018, 12:30 HRH the Crown Prince participates in activities as patron of the 2018 Sailing World Championships in Aarhus. The Crown Prince is patron of the 2018 World Championships in sailing, where 1,500 sailors from 100 nations participate and it is also the first big qualification for the Olympics in Tokyo 2020.
  11. General news about F&M 2018 Danish politicians also attended the event, you may remember the Minister of Foreign Affairs who accompanied Mary on many foreign visits:
  12. General news about F&M 2018

    :-) With another band called √ėstkyst Hustlers.
  13. General news about F&M 2018

    Thanks. I guess it is Jeppe Handwerk with the frogman tattoo.
  14. General news about F&M 2018

    Jeppe Handwerk? On Wednesday, disembarking the Dannebrog. A similar shirt on a man who looks like Jeppe Handwerk.
  15. General news about F&M 2018

    The coolest prince ever :-)
  16. General news about F&M 2018

    "The Crown Prince had just been on stage with the Danish rock band, picked up to help Simon Kvamm decide a small competition: The audience had been divided into two - Skanderborg East and Skanderborg West - and who was singing the loudest?" The band "Nephew" is one of the singers/bands performing at Frederik's private 50th birthday in June. The guy in the pic has a similar tattoo as the one Frederik has on his leg. A fellow frogman? Jeppe Handwerk?
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