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  2. "- It is so nice and cozy to do this together, and I think it is a great pleasure that we can share the experiences from such a state visit with each other. It's really great - and the Crown Prince is so good at making contact at a business conference like this, the Queen praised her son."
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  4. Visits to the Danish stands at the business conference Novo Nordisk: "Health and diabetes awareness was on the agenda when HM the Queen of Denmark, Margrethe ll, HRH Crown Prince Frederik and Ministers were introduced to our cities diabetes programme"
  5. Visit at the energy conference YPF
  6. https://www.gettyimages.fi/photos/queen-margrethe-argentina?events=775316507&family=editorial&phrase=queen margrethe argentina&sort=best#license http://kongehuset.dk/foto-video/statsbesoeg-i-argentina-dag-2
  7. 19. March 2019 - Crown Princess Mary & The Mary Foundation hosted a workshop on social norms at Frederik VIII Palace, Amalienborg. http://cpmarymb.ipbhost.com/topic/13769-unannounced-events-2019/?tab=comments#comment-325969
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    The Mary Foundation

    19. March 2019 - Crown Princess Mary & The Mary Foundation hosted a workshop on social norms at Frederik VIII Palace, Amalienborg.
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    Unannounced events 2019

    DRF Instagram CP Mary ,with The Mary Foundation, hosted a workshop on social norms in Frederik VIII Palais, Amalienborg Palace.
  11. https://food.ku.dk/nyheder/2019/forskningsministeren-lancerede-ny-konkurrence-paa-ku-food/
  12. Tuesday, 19 March Business conference at Kirchner Cultural Centre 09.30 The Crown Prince attends the opening of a business conference with Danish and Argentinian companies. Among other things, The Crown Prince will attend the signing of a cooperative agreement between Danish and Argentinian media as well as a panel debate. Business conference at Kirchner Cultural Centre 10.45 The Queen participates in and speaks at the business conference with Danish and Argentinian companies. Visits to the Danish stands at the business conference 11.30 The Queen and The Crown Prince visit the stands of the Danish companies at the business conference. Visits at the business conference’s three sector tracks 12.45 The Crown Prince visits the business conference’s three sector tracks in the areas of sustainability, health, and food products and agriculture. Visit at Parque de la Memoria 13.50 The Queen visits Parque de la Memoria, a memorial park. Networking luncheon 14.15 The Crown Prince takes part in the business conference’s networking luncheon with Danish and Argentinian companies. Visit at Hogar Danés (The Danish House) 14.50 The Queen visits the Danish senior living center Hogar Danés. There, The Queen will meet and speak with a number of Argentinians who have Danish ancestry. The Danish House was founded in May 1996 and belongs under the Danish Church in Buenos Aires. The ground where the home was built was donated in 1944 by a Danish family. Visit at Teatro Colón 16.00 The Queen visits the opera house Teatro Colón, which is among the best opera houses in the world. During the visit, The Queen will be introduced to the theater’s history and observe a ballet masterclass. Afterwards, The Queen will see the opera house’s current scenography for the opera Rigoletto. Powerchair Football and Social Development Goals Football event 16.00 The Crown Prince is shown around at “Estadio Alberto J. Armando” and visits the projects “Powerchair Football Argentina” and “Social Development Goals Football”. The visit highlights Denmark’s and Argentina’s joint interest in the work with sport as a tool for inclusion. The Queen hosts a gala dinner in connection with the State Visit to Argentina 20.00 In the evening, The Queen hosts a gala dinner, in which The Crown Prince also participates.
  13. https://www.gettyimages.fi/photos/crown-prince-frederik-yacht-club-buenos-aires?family=editorial&phrase=crown prince frederik yacht club buenos aires&sort=best#license
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  15. Visit at Argentina’s National Congress
  16. 31 March - Queen Margrethe and Crown Princess Mary visit Nymindegab on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Danish Home Guard. https://www.jv.dk/varde/Dronningen-og-kronprinsesse-Mary-kommer-paa-besoeger-og-fejrer-foedselsdag/artikel/2696913
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    Additions for F&M's calendar 2019

    The Queen and Mary will visit Nymindegab 31 March to celebrate The Home Guards 70th anniversary https://www.jv.dk/varde/Dronningen-og-kronprinsesse-Mary-kommer-paa-besoeger-og-fejrer-foedselsdag/artikel/2696913
  18. https://www.billedbladet.dk/kongelige/danmark/kronprins-frederik-forsinket-misser-de-foerste-aftaler-paa-statsbesoeg "The Crown Prince's flight from Frankfurt in Germany, could not land because of oil on the runway upon arrival at the airport in Buenos Aires. The aircraft therefore had to continue to neighboring Uruguay, from where the crown prince and his entourage had to continue in a much smaller plane "It is expected that the Crown Prince will arrive to visit the the Parliament in the afternoon."
  19. http://kongehuset.dk/foto-video/statsbesoeg-i-argentina-dag-1
  20. The Crown Prince was also scheduled to attend these events. Haven't seen an explanation as to why he is not present. Wreath laying ceremony https://www.gettyimages.fi/photos/crown-prince-frederik-argentina?events=775316506&family=editorial&phrase=crown prince frederik argentina&sort=best#license Official welcome at the Presidential Palace and luncheon https://www.gettyimages.fi/photos/argentina-denmark-royals-macri-queen-margrethe?family=editorial&phrase=argentina-denmark-royals-macri-queen margrethe&sort=best&event_collapse_to_image=True#license
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