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  2. Death of HRH Prince Henrik

    I am honestly shocked that they would print such a thing. The corcumstances of Prince Henrik's choices with regard to his funeral are well known. No-one would believe that sort of rubbish, so why print it?
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  4. I usually ignore articles like this but as it's related to the funeral: Aller Media Denmark (Billed Bladet, Se & Hør among others) and Sweden have had to apologise to the DRF for an article (and cover) in on of their Swedish rags. "- The familys revenge against the prince. - The son Frederik hated his father. - Smirked contemptuously by the coffin. "Was refused a royal burial" "The King and Silvia disappointed with Margrethe" etc
  5. The Mary Foundation
  6. Last week
  7. 5. February 2018, 10:00 am Public audience at Christiansborg Palace Crown Prince Frederik, as regent, holds public audience
  8. Additions to F&M's calendar for 2018

    26. februar 2018 H.K.H. Kronprinsen er regent i perioden 26. februar - 11. marts. 28. februar 2018 Statsråd på Christiansborg Slot kl. 9.30 5. marts 2018 Offentlig audiens på Christiansborg Slot kl. 10.00
  9. 28 Feb CPF at State Council

    28. February 2018, 9:30 am State Council at Christiansborg Palace The Crown Prince attends the State Council
  10. 26 Feb -11 Mar CPF is regent

    26. March 2018 HRH The Crown Prince is regent in the period 26. February - 11. March
  11. Death of HRH Prince Henrik

    Translation: "For me and my family, it has been deeply moving to experience the warmth and sympathy that has flowed from all parts of Denmark's society in connection with Prince Henrik's death and funeral. The many beautiful flowers spontaneously laid down by the places where the Prince had been, the many thousands of people from near and distant who endured the winter cold to show the Prince the last respects in the castle church and the countless written messages of sympathetic expressions we have received have touched us all deeply and contributed to helping us through this difficult time. For all these beautiful testimonies of affection and compassion, my family and I wish to express our heartfelt thanks to the whole Danish population."
  12. H.M. The Queen thanks
  13. The flowers from Amalienborg and Fredensborg are now at Kastellet, The Citadel, in Copenhagen.
  14. Prince Henrik's funeral

    Yes, the numbers were kept to 60 invited guests. Therefore no nieces and nephews from either side of the family attended, and none of the close friends from other royal houses, in keeping with Prince Henrik's wishes, so it was smaller than a funeral for an ordinary citizen. Did you notice the man sitting in the back next to Countess Alexandra? That was Fritz Schur - the one invited friend to represent all of Prince Henrik's friends. We have seen him taking F&M's children to plays at Tivoli over the years.
  15. Beautiful service, but I thought it was odd that none of the children of Anne Marie and Benedikte attended the service. JMHO
  16. Prince Henrik's funeral

    Thanks mls. BT reports that the Swedish Royal Court postponed the publication of 4th birthday photos of Princess Leonore yesterday morning, out of respect for Prince Henrik's funeral. I noticed that Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden wore dark blue at the event in Lithuania marking the country's 100th anniversary of independence. This is the same event Crown Princess Mary was originally scheduled to attend.
  17. I think this means that only the "social and entertainment" events are a no go. Queen M is receiving new ambassadors on Friday. The calendar would probably have been updated with something last week, had it not been for the death.
  18. Prince Henrik's funeral

    Yes, there is a period of mourning that the whole royal court will observe for a month, Hannelore. The press release mentioned ... We don't yet know which activities will take place until the calendar is updated at
  19. Prince Henrik's funeral

    Is a period of mourning now respected by the members of the royal family, will they not take part in activities for a certain amount of time?
  20. Prince Henrik's funeral

    Really impressed by the children. Their behaviour was impeccable. There is a lot to be proud of in all these young royals.
  21. Prince Henrik's funeral

  22. "Wednesday the flowers at Amalienborg and Fredensborg Palace will be moved to The Citadel in Copenhagen to the monument in honour of fallen soldiers. The flowers at Marselisborg Palace in Aarhus and at Gråsten Palace will also be distributed to memorials." Holmen, Copenhagen today
  23.!/ The royal family arrive at about 1:50
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