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  2. Doesn't look like it. It's only a few hours. The already twice postponed visit to the Netherlands is meant to take place at some point, probably next year. Tentative program in link https://www.danskindustri.dk/arrangementer/soeg/arrangementer/internationalt/royal-digital-business-conference/
  3. Many cancellations and postponements of great events, but that was sadly to be expected. Still, a good number of events that seem to succeed in completing. Exciting with Crown Prince Frederik's opening speech and a virtual business promotion. Wonder if it involves more than just the opening speech of the Crown Prince?
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  5. The Crown Prince gives an opening speech in connection with a virtual business promotion to the Netherlands. "It will be the first virtual business promotion with royal participation ever. The promotion takes the form of a green conference entitled "Partnering for Green Transition". A physical visit to the Netherlands will be held when it becomes possible again."
  6. https://beta.tt.se/bild/q=7th award ceremony copenhagen October 26th 2020
  7. https://kongehuset.dk/nyheder/koreograf-sebastian-kloborg-og-de-anbragtes-vilkaar-modtager-kronprinsparrets-stjernedryspriser The Crown Prince Couple's Cultural Stardust Award - goes to choreographer Sebastian Kloborg and The Crown Prince Couple's Social Stardust Award to 'De Anbragtes Vilkår' "The social organization 'De Anbragtes Vilkår' receives the Crown Prince Couple's Social Stardust Award to ensure that the experiences and voices of children and young people who are or have been placed in care are heard in an ambitious, competent and innovative way."
  8. mls

    The DRF & COVID-19

    The visit has been postponed. New date unknown at the moment.
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  10. From the artist himself, also in English https://www.instagram.com/p/CG0BqcFnJBy/
  11. https://www.ppe-agency.com/show.php?zoektype=2&search=26-10-2020 Denmark
  12. https://www.instagram.com/p/CG0MsgdhgIR/?igshid=1m2cy8qf7jnpp
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/CG0B2mAgAks/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  14. https://julemaerket.kontainer.com/folder/186366
  15. mls

    The DRF & COVID-19

    A Royal Hunt hosted by Crown Prince Frederik Tuesday 3. November and also one of QM's event's the same day are cancelled...
  16. https://www.julemaerket.dk/1340/julemaerket2020 https://youtu.be/8zleOm0sEsM Fotos: Fotograf Søren Hytting
  17. https://www.billedbladet.dk/kongelige/danmark/mary-gjorde-fornem-entre-til-anderledes-prisfest https://www.billedbladet.dk/video/7HIWI8Mj/RwRPGGvp
  18. https://beta.tt.se/bild/q=liljeborg 26. oktober 2020
  19. https://sn.dk/Roskilde/Se-billederne-Mary-straalede-ved-aarets-julemaerke/artikel/1377629
  20. mls

    The DRF & COVID-19

    Crown Prince Frederik's first event on Wednesday the 28th in Aarhus has now been cancelled (postponed) Added: Wednesday, not Thursday https://www.billedbladet.dk/kongelige/danmark/aergerlig-nyhed-frederik-vi-ser-tiden "- Due to the changed COVID19 guidelines, we have unfortunately been forced to postpone the inauguration of the new culture hall in the Greenlandic House in Aarhus." A new date will be scheduled at some point, depending on the covid situation.
  21. https://www.billedbladet.dk/kongelige/danmark/saa-anderledes-bliver-det-mary-drastiske-aendringer "The government's new restrictions in connection with the corona crisis greatly affect Crown Princess Mary's visit to the Christmas Seal home Liljeborg in Roskilde on Monday morning. During the cozy Christmas event, the Crown Princess should have met four children from the Christmas Seal home, who are sitting and writing a letter to their former self. However, due to the new restrictions, only a 15-year-old Christmas stamp child, Benedicte Vinge, will meet the Crown Princess and will read her letter aloud to her while she receives the letters from the others. The other three children will, however, see the royal guest on arrival and when she leaves again. In addition, the deputy chairman of the Christmas Seal Foundation's board, TV host Anne Glad Wagner, will not participate in the event, but has instead taped her speech so that it will be shown on a video screen. However, Anne Glad attends a subsequent smaller reception. Also participation from the press is greatly reduced, so only two media will attend the event."
  22. 26. October 2020, 10:45 am HRH the Crown Princess attends as patron of the Christmas Seal Foundation the presentation of the 2020 Christmas Seal. Christmas Seal Home Liljeborg, Roskilde Every year since 1904, the Christmas Seal Foundation has released the special Christmas Seal, which aims to raise money for children in one of Denmark's five Christmas Seal Homes. At the homes, 1,000 children a year can stay and receive help in combating loneliness, bullying, social isolation and obesity. https://www.julemaerket.dk/
  23. 26. October 2020, 2:20 pm HRH the Crown Princess presents FSR - Danish Auditors award for best Danish CSR reporting. Danish Chamber of Commerce, The Stock Exchange, Copenhagen For the seventh year in a row, the Crown Princess presents the CSR Award to the companies that have published Denmark's best reports on social responsibility, sustainability and climate. https://www.fsr.dk/om-fsr/about-fsr https://www.fsr.dk/uddannelse-events/arrangementer-og-events/arrangementer-oversigt/prisuddelinger/csr-prisen
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  25. Okay that must mean that at least both events tomorrow will be implemented. BB must have been briefed on the changes. Changes to the program would not have been announced if they did not expect the events to be implemented. I guess the next weeks events will be an assessment from day to day and the development of infected Danes whether they can take place or not. Even the coming weeks events will be a day to day decision. Definitely an uncertain time. Also for us royal watchers 😅
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