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  2. BB has the same news
  3. Last week
  4. Change of guard at Gråsten today with QM and Princess Benedikte
  5. The only thing to report from this weeks local paper is that Queen Margrethe and CP Frederik attended a service at Gråsten Palace church Sunday morning.
  6. Lovely photos:
  7. Nice to have more photos from Saturday! Thanks bonsai
  8. Seoghoer has a lot beautiful pictures and at the end also some from Saturday.
  9. with a few short clips, including Josephine dancing to the bagpipes. Photos Patrik Van Katwijk Royal Horse Ceremony Grasten&sort=best#licenseijk
  11. Earlier
  12. Lots of very nice photos
  13. Thanks for the photo links ppe Graasten
  14. Sønderborg Pipes and Drums
  16. Always a positive thing to be true to oneself.
  17. Only Daisy could carry off that raincoat! She is true to herself. Good for her!
  19. I can understand the they wanted to stand on both sides of QM, but this way, BB unfortunately kept focusing on the girls way too much.
  20. I don't think so.
  21. That's a lot of flowers...Did Frederik get any?
  22. but it's so over-the-top QM can carry it
  23. Sorry, but I think it's pretty awful
  24. QM is wearing her tablecloth raincoat
  25. What a shame it's rainy!
  26. bb facebook link. Coverage is about to start
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