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  2. General news about F&M 2018

    22. May 3 photos, with her secretary
  3. prince frederik of denmark&sort=best#license
  4. 22 May 2018 - Unofficial meeting at the Mary Foundation
  5. On 23 May, the Crown Prince Couple visit Aarhus. Here, the municipality will host a number of visits at companies and organizations. The day starts with a visit at Filmby Aarhus, where the Crown Prince Couple will be introduced to the city’s film, business and entrepreneur environment. Afterwards, the Crown Prince Couple participate in the opening of the Aarhus International Sailing Centre on the waterfront. PROGRAM May 23 9:30 am The Crown Prince couple arrives at the harbor on the Royal Yacht Dannebrog. Reception on the quay by mayor Jacob Bundsgaard. 10:00 am Visit to Film City Aarhus, where the Crown Prince couple is welcomed by the councilor for Culture and Citizenship Rabih Azad-Ahmad. After a general presentation of the film city, the Crown Prince couple is introduced to the company M2 Film before the couple visits Film City's incubator for young companies. 10:40 am The Crown Prince couple is presented to the entrepreneurship companies Njord Gin, Woden, Pond and Enorm. The visit will take place at Njord Gin, Kalkværksvej 2, Aarhus. 11:30 am The Crown Prince couple arrives at the opening of Aarhus International Sailing Center on Aarhus Island. The Crown Prince couple will attend the official opening and a lunch for guests and sponsors.
  6. The Mary Foundation

    22 May 2018 Meeting at Mary Fonden with James Heckman, "The Heckman curve"
  7. On 23 May, HRH The Crown Prince opens a new research centre at the Aarhus University School of Business and Social Sciences (Aarhus BSS), which from now on will be named the “Crown Prince Frederik Centre for Public Leadership”. The new centre at Aarhus BSS will be placed in the Department of Political Science and will be a centre for delivering research-based knowledge about public leadership. The Crown Prince will come in as a member of the centre’s Governance Committee, which will work to ensure the centres international position. PROGRAM May 23: 1:00 pm The Crown Prince couples participate in the opening of the research center Crown Prince Frederik Center for Public Leadership. The host is Aarhus University.
  8. Unannounced Events 2018

    22 May Meeting with James Heckman at Mary Foundation
  9. 7th photo - Before the reception, there was a lunch for representatives for the organisers of Royal Run, The National Olympic Committee & Sports Confederation of Denmark, DGI and the Danish Athletic Federation as part of “Move for Life”, which is the shared vision to make Denmark the most active nation in the world.
  10. 21 May - Royal Run

    Copenhagen: Copenhagen Odense: Odense
  11. 21 May - Royal Run

    Team (Royal Yacht) Dannebrog
  12. I get a "The media could not be loaded, either because the network or server failed or because the format is not supported" but maybe some of you can watch it.
  13. Confirmed: Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg attend on the 26th. 50e anniversaire du Prince Héritier de Danemark Copenhague, Danemark 26-05-2018 Leurs Altesses Royales le Grand-Duc et la Grande-Duchesse assisteront aux festivités qui se dérouleront au Christiansborg Palace, à l’occasion du 50e anniversaire du Prince Frederik de Danemark.
  14. "A quiet moment on Dannebrog - Today HRH The Crown Prince's birthday celebrations continue with a reception for patronages on the Royal Yacht Dannebrog"
  15. 21 May - Royal Run Greenlandic birthday song for Frederik in Aarhus The PET on Frederik's left is really
  16. 21 May - Royal Run Two short videos of Mary and the kids at Amalienborg
  17. Today Frederik hosts a reception and a short cruise on Dannebrog. Tomorrow morning, the 23rd, F&M arrive in Aarhus on the royal yacht at 9.30 am. I guess they leave Copenhagen on Dannebrog at some point this evening.
  18. On 22 May, The Crown Prince hosts a reception and a cruise for The Crown Prince’s patronages aboard the Royal Yacht Dannebrog. The Amalie Garden, Copenhagen.
  19. 21 May - Royal Run

    You're welcome. There was/is a huge amount of great photos on especially social media yesterday. With or without Frederik or the others. This was a huge event that people really loved. And it seemed, that many watched it on telly for hours. Mary was wearing Danish flags in her hair. It was mentioned by many tv watchers. In Copenhagen he was running next to the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen and the Minister for Foreign Affairs. 171 photos With the French Ambassador to Denmark - "I will miss Denmark"
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  21. 21 May - Royal Run

    Is Mary wearing tiny Danish flags in her hair? I love the idea of this event, it perfectly shows everything important to Fred. His family, children, military, beautiful cities and scenes of Denmark, sport, friends, support etc. And shows how Danish people like and appreciate their future king. Really heartwarming. Mls, thanks for your posts :-)
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