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  1. BB has the same news
  2. Thanks for the photo links ppe Graasten
  3. I don't think so.
  4. but it's so over-the-top QM can carry it
  5. QM is wearing her tablecloth raincoat
  6. bb facebook link. Coverage is about to start
  7. Thanks Riki!
  8. That looks so cute, with the Crown Prince's flag on the flagpole looking very official, then as contrast, a bouncy castle with cartoon character. Yes, I completely agree with you Josephine. As an non-Dane, I find it so inspiring to see the Danish people allowing for the needs of the family, specifically in accommodating their need for privacy. Even the press seems to be adjusting. The few articles I have noticed this week have expressed appreciation for the Crown Prince Couple in their decision to spend vacation time in southern Jylland, since Joachim and Marie no longer reside there.
  9. Has anyone seen reports of the usual royal outings for this time of year? Frederik at Wimbledon? The family at Legoland? There has been online coverage of Marie and Joachim's holiday in St. Tropez. They are apparently now in France with their children.
  10. That narrative must be from DM
  11. Great photo. We can see right through to the lake on the other side of the palace.
  12. Little 'Grace' is showing up in international media too: Canadian Hello magazine (FYI Hellomag, Ziggy was female) UK -Royal Central Aus -
  13. Thank you. has 2 articles online about the Crown Prince family's new puppy "Here is the Crown Princely Couple's newest family member" "Royal Family's new members reaps thousands of likes"
  14. Lovely! What a beautiful puppy! mls, how do I access the second photo?
  15. Thanks for that.