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  1. This weeks Point De Vue has some nice pictures inside The Élysée Palace. I don't know French:-) Is there anything interesting in the article? Thanks to Scandinavian Royals
  2. Se this is better:-)
  3. I don't think it has much to do with jet lag. He could just choose to smile for his "selfie":-) A few pics from the Minister for Industry and Business, Brian Mikkelsen's facebook page Christian Schønau is with him Condoleezza Rice
  4. A bit like the Daily Mail, but they are good fore the pictures:-) Tv2 Lorry had a bit on the News tonight Article from their website with a video
  5. According to one of BB's comments(the moderator) in their live coverage on facebook, they apparently sailed from Dannebrog to the Norwegian Royal Yacht.
  6. Actually this was in the official calendar at some point. I remember the DRF website by mistake put it in Mary's calendar. Riki also listed the event in the Official Calendar 2017 thread. Why it's gone now I don't know. Maybe it will appear again later:-)
  7. Lol, are Billed Bladet and now other media making a mountain out of a molehill here? The student could just niece or a daughter of a cousin or a friend. Of course an exchange student is still an exchange student, family or not:-) We don't have her speech, but from the video it seems Mary in her speech just as a side remark to the mentioned that they have an exchange student staying with them. She didn't promote it to Billed Bladet afterwards:-) BB just elevated it in their usual style:-)
  8. Anyway if a "stranger", there probably have been some background check going on beforehand. In the video BB was eager to wrist something out CPM afterwards, but as so often she keeps things private:-)
  9. Who knows? Maybe she is not a total stranger or she comes from family or friends from Australia or elsewhere.
  10. Well, this twitter post claims they are there. Whether it's solid, I don't know?
  11. BB has made a nice gallery from the event
  12. I think they use some of the adjacent rooms as well. Its a standing reception, but they also a get a bite to eat. I think BB mentioned that they among others were served mulled wine and Danish Donut. Here is picture from 2014.
  13. Thanks mls:-) The DRF have put a short video on facebook They should do more engagements together.
  14. Nice video from BB
  15. Video from facebook. Nice to see them back again. It has been a few years now.