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  1. good find - i've been wondering about the gown myself!
  2. oooh, love the necklace! i would have preferred a dress which was summery, but this is nice too, esp with that necklace.
  3. it certainly looks like it to me.
  4. nice to see alexandra there! and in a very pretty pale pink gown.
  5. good point about hair color! maybe it's the contrast btwn the silver hair and the gold that i find odd. yes, i do really like the tiara in and of itself. i'm from india, and used to seeing a lot of gold jewelry and find it attractive. but i'm used to seeing it with dark hair (and different skin tone).
  6. ooh, i love both their dresses! not so sure about margrethe's gold tiara with that color, tho.
  7. i was reall looking forward to seeing mary! oh well. i like marie's bright red jacket. the rest of the outfit is kind of boring (black skirt, black stockings).
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