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  1. This is indeed an important topic! Great Crown Prince Frederik focuses on it together with the Danish Red Cross. Our children are growing up in a very digital world and it can have major consequences if pictures of you are uploaded online without your permission.
  2. "So here is another photo of me in front of my computer 😊" Don’t know why, but I got a smile on my face while reading that phrase from Mary in her update from her virtual meeting today. Because it's very relatable! So many people sit at home behind their computers and work day after day in these lockdown times... and what else can you post: Other than another picture of yourself behind your computer. 😅 Besides that, it's a important case. The pandemic hits everywhere, but it hits extra hard at already very vulnerable people/places. One can fear that all the work for girls' and women's rights has gone a step back during this pandemic.
  3. Looking at the pictures it is obvious that the weekly magazine got it wrong: Frederik, Mary, Isabella, Josephine (and a girl look to be Isabella's friend) were all already at Christiansborg's riding arena when the photographer heard/got information they were there. So when the photographer shows up, he sees Frederik with Isabella, Josephine and a friend leaving the riding arena and driving home. Mary stays and trains a little extra alone before she is also seen going to her car and driving home with Grace.
  4. Our government is holding a press conference again tonight and it is reported that they are extending all the present restrictions (an actually lockdown) until at least 7. February. So three more very quiet weeks ahead, I think.
  5. I took a little peek in the weekly magazine. Last Saturday (9. January) in the beautiful sunny weather Mary was spotted at Christiansborg's riding arenas (where the royal horses are stabled during the winter months). She came driving and had dog Grace with her, who happily jumped out when Mary opened the trunk of the car. Mary was spotted while riding the horse Edelmann at the sunny outdoor riding arena. The magazine writes she perhaps is training for more horse competitions. Maybe she simply just enjoyed a ride. A little later, Frederik came driving with Isabella and Josephine (and a girl look to be Isabella’s friend) who all joined. The magazine writes that Isabella's horse Lancet and Josephine's pony are also stabled at Christiansborg's royal stables during the winter. I doubt much that the weekly magazine knows anything about who the horses belongs to, but I mean to know that the horses were stabled at Fredensborg’s horse stables all summer and probably also will in the future if the Crown Prince family will continue to live in Kancellihuset during the light months.
  6. Arg I see. It could seems to be at Fredensborg. I can see if I can sneak in to get a glimpse in the magazine today or tomorrow.
  7. Where have you found the picture? 😊 It could indicate something maybe.
  8. With the new mutated Covid-19 virus Denmark is again in a really serious situation and it almost feels like we are back to where we began. Our Prime Minister has just held another press conference, which I think will affect F&M's (and Queen Margrethe's for that matter) official calendar quite much: Denmark is already in a lockdown. School are closed and people are encouraged to work from home, but from tomorrow even more restrictions are required: - The assembly ban is lowered from 10 people to only 5 people. - The authorities recommend that everyone limits social contact to a maximum of 5 people in addition to their household, and that no more than 5 people meet at home. - Authorities give a strong appeal to cancel all unnecessary appointments until at least 17. January. - The distance requirement changes from one meter to now two meters. This applies to both grocery stores and in the public space. The new restrictions apply until 17. January, but our Prime Minister states that it most likely may be necessary to extend all or some of them. With a maximum of 5 people allowed and a minimum distance of 2 meters, I think we are back to where it is very difficult for official events to take place, even minor unofficial events.
  9. I watched the show. It was a pre-recorded broadcast in a small studio. Sport 2020 in corona style built up with short small segments. CP Frederik came and presented two prizes. I couldn’t see him sitting among the few (10 people approx.) audience, which apparently only contained this year's award recipients. So all in all a short show where you didn’t saw much to anyone, but I guess it how it could be done this year. My bid is the show was filmed between Christmas and New Year. Probably last Monday since the article with pictures came out on Tuesday morning.
  10. Yes very. On the other hand I can’t help but think they also might enjoy it! A year where they finally don’t have to dress up and be ready on 1st January. But then it is a year where no one could hold a big party anyway 😅 Wondering where F&M and kids have spend New Year? They usually spend it in Jutland with the Skeel family, don’t they? I have not seen any pictures from Amalienborg that can show whether the flag over Frederik VIII's palace is up or not.
  11. Happy new year everyone 🎉 Thanks for creating the new 2021 threads. No new year gala/courts tonight and the next days. Lets hope this year will be a brighter year where we all can see more to our close ones, and we also can see more to CP Frederik, CP Mary and the children 🙏
  12. The Danish Prime Minister has just held a new press conference due to the increase in Covid-19 affected. According to our Prime Minister the Covid-19 situation in Denmark is now worse than it was in the spring. Denmark's lockdown and restrictions will be extended until 17. January. All school children are send home to be homeschooled - this time also the youngest classes. This means that Christian, Isabella, and now also Vincent and Josephine will be homeschooled by F&M again - just as we saw in the spring. All other restrictions are extended as well, including the assembly ban of 10 people, which will no doubt continue to affect F&M's (as well as QM’s) official events.
  13. In the article it seem like the show has already taken place? There are pictures from the show with the background 'Sport 2020' both with the guests, the hosts (who have different clothes on than at last year's show) and Crown Prince Frederik. The singer Christopher who comes and sing at the show is there also already a picture of in the article. But in the same article, they write that the show first will take place on 2. January. I'm confused 😅 Maybe the show unofficial took place before Christmas or yesterday and then is just aired on 2. January?
  14. Frederik VIII’s Palace this afternoon
  15. Yes, and I think all other churches also has cancelled now as recommended. Until 3. January. That’s good! Although that also means we will not see the Crown Prince family tonight then. 🎄 A Merry Christmas and yes hopefully a better year 2021 🎉. Thank you for your great work on this site!
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