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  1. The latest I have heard is that current knowledge suggests that immunity is built up in most people, but to what extent and for how long this lasts is not yet known. The Danish SSI doesn’t yet have a reliable test that can determine immunity. In another recent article I read that you are considered immunity for 8 months after.
  2. I agree with you. It’s like in these modern times it’s forbidden, even for people with the most important functions of our country, to receive special treatment. Because everyone must be equal. But everyone is not equal.
  3. Yes, but for reasons our Crown Prince couple, and our Prime Minister as well, have chosen (or some have chosen for them) to follow the same vaccine program as all other Danes.
  4. Good to see. Frederik has official events in the coming days, so I hope he doesn’t get sick after his first dose. F&M follows the vaccine calendar. Frederik's age is being vaccinated now. Mary can expect to be vaccinated from around May 24th.
  5. I wonder if this will be a pre-recorded speech since I can imagine F&M and children going on Easter vacation. There is added a time, but it may mean that the virtual event starts at 14.00 in Denmark and Mary's speech is at 14.30 (the event starts at 07.00 in Mexico, which is 7 hours behind Danish time)
  6. Easter holiday from 27. March - 6. April 🐣
  7. Does that surprise you? 😅 IMO neither the DRF’s calendar or social media are working very well - except from when Frederik and Mary post their own good post.
  8. Mary is having a busy week 😘 She looks wonderful - I love glasses to her. And the work of the WWF World Wide Fund for Nature is very important for the conservation of our various animal species.
  9. Indeed. What one likes in art is very individual, but no one can deny that virtually all the art in the Crown Prince Couple's palace is interesting and with a story - in a modern way where you don’t have to be an experienced old art lover to understand it - and I like that. I always think that it must be a fairy tale walk to be an official guest in Frederik 8’s palace and walking around and see all those stories in the rooms. At least I thought that back in 2010 when I visited their palace before they moved in 😊
  10. I think we are really many who love to see pictures from F&M's palace and official rooms. The art in F&M's palace is a fantastic and unic art storytelling. Both family-wise and historically. Some of the rooms are stories about how F&M met each other and their lives together and that the children arrived. What a historical gift/legacy to leave for your children/next generation
  11. No you are absolutely right. The twins are back full time. Christian will be back every other week from this week and from 6. April Isabella can also return to school from every other week. Last night (around midnight 😂) our government held a press conference (after 12 hours of negotiations) where they presented a full reopening plan for Denmark. I think that 6. May is the date we should look forward to in relation to F&M's official events - here the plan is that conferences, theaters, venues, and cinemas will reopen. The indoor assembly ban is still 5 people. Outdoors 10 people. But this will be assessed again in mid-April. 21. April will also opens for some things that may impact F&M’s official events. Museums, art galleries and libraries reopen - with corona passes. And then some indoor sports will open for children and young people under 18 years.
  12. I no nothing about guns, but think maybe it looks too small to be a gun. On the other hand; it sits where a gun usually sits and it makes sense if PET carries one. Another thing: The beautiful bouquet Mary received from the young flower girl is made of sustainable flowers and the only 6 years old little girl had tied the bouquet herself. Mary took her good time to thank and talk with her.
  13. And her lovely engagement- and wedding rings ❤️
  14. That’s how I understand it as well. From Monday: - The assembly ban will be lifted from 5 to 10 people outdoors. However, it is emphasized that the authorities still recommend that you do not meet more than five people in private homes and that you limit social contacts. - Outdoor church services for up to 50 people will also be opened - The assembly ban will also be lifted from 25 to 50 people for outdoor sports and association activities. - Graduating students in primary school as well as in youth and adult education in the Capital Region can also return to the same model as in the rest of the country. Municipalities with a particularly high incidence are, however, exempt. (So from Monday Prince Christian can return to school every second week).
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