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  1. Many cancellations and postponements of great events, but that was sadly to be expected. Still, a good number of events that seem to succeed in completing. Exciting with Crown Prince Frederik's opening speech and a virtual business promotion. Wonder if it involves more than just the opening speech of the Crown Prince?
  2. Okay that must mean that at least both events tomorrow will be implemented. BB must have been briefed on the changes. Changes to the program would not have been announced if they did not expect the events to be implemented. I guess the next weeks events will be an assessment from day to day and the development of infected Danes whether they can take place or not. Even the coming weeks events will be a day to day decision. Definitely an uncertain time. Also for us royal watchers 😅
  3. You are absolutely right. I had totally forgotten that we are allowed to gather 500 people for big / cultural / sports events. This can actually mean that the vast majority of events still can take place 😊
  4. Friday evening. 23. October. And our Prime Minister has just held a press conference. Due to a worrying increase in the number of people infected with Covid-19 in Denmark, Denmark is again (re)introducing quite large restrictions. For example: An assembly ban of a maximum of 10 people gathered in the public space. That, I think, is going to affect the DRF's upcoming official events. Over the next two weeks the Crown Prince Couple (and also the Queen and Princess Benedicte) have quite many official events. And the Crown Prince Couple will hold the 'Crown Prince Couple's Awards' on Saturday. I think all of them, or most of them, will be canceled after tonight’s press meeting.
  5. Really nice pictures! (A pity the DRF never post these kind on the sites) A important work the Mary Foundation do for us Danes! Mary look wonderful sporty - I love her that way - the aussie Mary 😎 And she always beams ektra on visits with her Foundation.
  6. A nice little greeting to Crown Princess Mary in the comments section on the DRF’s Facebook under her recent event: “Dear Crown Princess. You are a person with a big heart. A heart that has won all of Denmark and Australia. We have just moved from Denmark to Florida, USA. We have met our new neighbor who is from Australia. When she hears we are from Denmark her eyes shine and she exclaims: Our Mary is your crown princess. Yes you bind people together in every way 🇩🇰🇺🇸🇦🇺🥰” I doubt the royals read the comments on the DRF social media, though.
  7. I have to, and I will do it 😉 I live close by. So I give a update... But I think your guess about driving the kids to school and then to their working offices at Amalienborg is good. We know they still lived in Fredensborg on 9. October (Frederik’s picture of the children going to school). So they have lived there for 6 months now.
  8. It's Mary's office at Amalienborg. So don’t your think the CP-family has moved back? Mary has a visit with the Mary Foundation later today in a swimming club in Helsingør (North Zealand). I hardly think that Mary has driven to Copenhagen for a virtual meeting to drive back to North Zealand again for the next event? Or ... unless she's met with the Mary Foundation before their visit and accompanied them to the swimming club. The Mary Foundation has home right next to Amailienborg. It could be. Don’t you think we will be told when they move their residence back? 😊
  9. Articles says that despite heavy rain Crown Princess Mary was in a brilliant mood and didn’t mind the cold weather. She participated in a warm raincoat and hat with great engagement and bright smiles in the event, which, however, had to cancel parts of the day's programme due to the heavy rain.
  10. Interesting mls. It sounds like it could be that. And again a event we hear nothing from. _______ Another unofficial event, which is not written in the calendar either. Yesterday a meeting with young people in the Mary Foundation: Yesterday, in the Mary Foundation, we had a visit from our youth panel to talk about the well-being of young people during the corona. And not least about ideas and recommendations for solutions. It was an inspiring and intense conversation about how corona and the restrictions that have come with it have had a huge impact on young people's lives. I was particularly touched by the young people's consideration and compassion for some of the groups who are having the most difficulty and who feel most lonely at this time. And I was very uplifted by their many ideas for what we can do - both to fight loneliness and create well-being among young people in the time to come. - H.R.H. The Crown Princess
  11. Neither do I. Maybe it was because CP Frederik's visit was not official, but more an unofficial interest/follow-up visit as a patron? That's how I understood it. CP Mary's (weekly? meetings/preparings visits) with the Mary Foundation are also never written in the calendar. Not that any of those reasons do it better! For why not just write them in the calendar, at least after they have taken place. As much as I follow the DRF I have the impression that all the other royal members visits are written in the calendar. But okay ... it's pretty much just F&M we see continuously having these unofficial visits. I still do not understand why they are not written in the calender. The Swedish royal family writes EVERYTHING in their calender 😅
  12. Really! I have always joked that if I were Crown Prince Frederik I would move the date for the New Year's banquet to 2. January as soon as I became King 😂
  13. "Instead, a small New Year’s levee will be held at Christiansborg Palace on 4 January 2021 for the prime minister and a few other representatives of official Denmark." ⬆️ It may include the Crown Prince Couple. It is really few times that the New Year's banquet and the Courts have been canceled. Yes I can only (as written) remember it in the year 2005 after the tsunami. Then the DRF can have themselves a really fun and wet New Year's Eve this year. For once! 😂 It's a perfect opportunity for F&M and children to celebrate Christmas and (for once New Year's Eve) with Mary's family in Australia, but with Australia's closed borders it's most probably not going to be an option (even they for once now have the opportunity). It's a rather sad time we are living in.
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