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  1. How lovely that Mary had both Frederik, the kids and her father John and Susan with her Can't wait to see pictures.
  2. The Crown Prince Couple's Awards 2018

    They're so sweet together.
  3. Can anyone find a official schedule/programme over tonight's celebration? I can't. The Danish calender says Frederik and Mary will attend from at 8.00 pm tonight which must the dinner, but I guess the reception will be held before the dinner? Do you think we will see some pictures? Isn't always at Buckingham Palace where we only get pictures of the royal guests arriving in the cars?
  4. Business promotion to Rome - Day 3

    Frederik & Mary at their last official event in Italy
  5. Business promotion to Rome- Day 1

    Of course Here a little bit of the DR article and what Frederik & Mary are saying: They managed to wander a lot around in the Italian capital before Frederik found the right place. The darkness was about to descend when he suddenly saw an old church, and it was in front of it he fell on his knees. Mary said, as everyone knows, yes, and it's therefore a happy Crown Prince couple who today landed in the Italian capital, Rome, with the couple to promote business cooperation with Italy. Crown Prince Frederik: - For us it's our moment. 15 years ago was a fantastic moment in our lives. Rome is special. The big moments are between us wherever we are on the globe. So Rome is certainly not ignored, it's a lovely place - it was here I got a "yes". Crown Princess Mary: - Yes it's a city filled with some amazing/strong memories, and it's always more powerful when you're in town. But we have many more memories to create together here in the city.
  6. Rome Schedule

    Their official program ends Thursday afternoon. The couple has none official duties before Monday next week in Denmark. Perhaps the couple stays in Rome over the weekend. Rome is undoubtedly special to them
  7. General news about F&M 2018

    A new lovely photo of Grace from Mary: “A snow white afternoon at Kastellet where Grace experiences the fresh snow. 📸 Photo: H.R.H. The Crown Princess”
  8. CPF opens GL STRAND exhibition 'Touchstone'

    Frederik looked indeed very dapper thank you for the links and photos.
  9. It's great to see how our sweet crown princess shines, time after time, at her many official duties .... she's a very beautiful woman .. And that smile she has ... Thanks for always good covering here at
  10. Private visit & Christmas in Australia

    This picture of Frederik and Mary I guess there is a certain husband who know who has been looking forward to 'coming home'.
  11. Fredensborg Concert and Dinner

    Since Mary’s trip to Senegal was cancelled, don’t you think she attends tonight concert Or is the table plan made long ago.
  12. Additions to F&M's calendar for 2017

    What some busy months for Frederik and Mary! Mary has official events 10 days out of the 14 next days. And Frederik off to Asien again. Pyyyh. But still nothing in the calender about Mary attend the summit in Senegal next Monday? Maybe it will be a unofficial one-day visit? I see she won’t attend the concert and souper at Fredensborg Tuesday night, so I’ll guess she will go to the summit in Senegal. Already Wedneysday she has full program back in Denmark.
  13. Day Two, Kanazawa

    A good feature in the TV2 News this morning from today's event. Very nice pictures of the couple and beautiful landscape. And Mary beautifully dressed in a Japanese inspired white lace dress and flower in her hair.
  14. Day Two, Kanazawa

    Thanks a lot for all your updates, photos and information All in all, no much coverage so far? Or what? TV2 and DR use to travel with them on these big and busy official working trips and cover the visit a lot, but I still haven’t seen much from them. Despite such a busy programme and big visit and a exciting first day... Maybe it will come today as it’s not Sunday anylonger 😉
  15. CPM at reception for Crown Princess Mary Scholarship

    It says there is no press access to this event. I can not remember; do we usually get a few pictures from the court after the reception has been held?
  16. CPM at Index: Award Ceremony 2017

    Is it just me? Or isn't the coverage of Crown Princess Mary's tasks disappointing at the moment? Three different official representative tasks she had yesterday. Tonight one more. Tomorrow one more. You do not see much or anything about them in the Danish media. Expect for some delated articles in Billedbladet. Not even on the Danish royal family's social media. Well, there was a post about one of her three visit yesterday. One image. She is so hard working and so popular, and is doing a wonderful job. I thank you all for I can click in here (and to Swedish, English and other foreign media) who always have plenty of coverage and images of a always brilliant happy and dedicated crown princess.
  17. Vincent & Josephine start school

    And we already have the first pictures. Absolutely adorable and charming Vincent & Josephine
  18. Vincent & Josephine start school

    I have researched a bit, and Billedbladet were live when Joakim's Athene started school, but it does not seems like they will send live today when Vincent and Jospephine start. Weird, as Vincent and Josephine are children of our future King and Queen and there is much more interest in them. Maybe F&M have decided they don't wish live-feed on their little children's big day?
  19. Vincent & Josephine start school

    Aww it's now Will there be a live sending? I can't find it any places yet.
  20. Summer news 2017

    No and isn't it lovely? If the crown prince family can be just a little bit alone these few weeks during a year ( I do also havd seen nice comments from the locals who bumps into Frederik, Mary, children and Grace in Gråsten and have also seen paparazzi pictures from their many ridings, through) I do hope it continues this way through their private holiday. Every human need that. And on Sunday we have the big event with the crown prince family at the horse riding
  21. State Visit from Belgium Day 1

    ^^ Frederik taking Mary's hand
  22. General news about F&M 2017

    So a new tradition. And I LOVE IT Natural and personal. Thanks Mary to share all those lovely photos with us.
  23. General news about F&M 2017

    Almost in peace.. A Danish magazine out today has a few pictures. And here we can see the crown prince family in Verbier where the enjoy the vacation with Mary's family. I could see Jane Stephens and her husband and children. How nice for them.
  24. General news about F&M 2017

    Yeah okay, that could be