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  1. Board Meeting in the Mary Foundation Monday 3 March 2008 HRH The Crown princess participated in the Mary Foundation board meeting http://www.crownprincecouple.dk/50e0029
  2. Møde i Mary Fonden Fredag d. 29. februar 2008 H.K.H. Kronprinsessen deltog i møde hos Mary Fonden.
  3. Other Activities Møde i Mary Fonden Tirsdag d. 22. januar 2008 H.K.H. Kronprinsessen deltog i møde hos Mary Fonden.
  4. HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark establishes The Mary Foundation Issued Tuesday September 11, 2007 ´The Mary Foundation – HRH Crown Princess Mary’s Foundation’ Everyone has the right to belong. With ‘The Mary Foundation – HRH Crown Princess Mary’s Foundation’, the Crown Princess seeks to encourage tolerance of diversity and help those who are socially isolated. Today the Crown Princess held the Foundation’s inaugural meeting with its co-founders and operating partner. Following a period of lengthy preparation, HRH Crown Princess Mary presented the underlying ideals and organisational structure of ‘The Mary Foundation – HRH Crown Princess Mary’s Foundation’ – or also known as the Mary Foundation. The Crown Princess, the Board of Trustees, the newly appointed management, the operating partner and the eight co-founders held the inaugural meeting today at Amalienborg Palace. The objective of The Mary Foundation is ‘to improve the lives of children, adults and families who as the result of their environment, heredity, illness or other circumstances find themselves socially isolated or excluded. The Foundation aims to fulfil its objective by creating opportunities for these individuals and giving them a sense of affiliation and of belonging to a community. The Foundation furthermore undertakes to encourage tolerance of diversity and the revival of hope.’ ‘The Mary Foundation will be an exciting and rewarding addition to my current work as Crown Princess. In some ways, it will provide the opportunity to effectively bring together the social issues that I am already involved in. I strongly believe that every individual has the right to belong to a community and to know that there are people who understand them and are concerned for their wellbeing. And this belief is the basis for The Mary Foundation,’ says Crown Princess Mary. Eight co-founding Danish foundations and enterprises – Carlsberg A/S, LEGO Holding A/S, Nykredit, Det Obelske Familiefond, Oticon Fonden, Poul Due Jensen's Fond, Villum Kann Rasmussen Fonden and TrygFonden smba – have contributed capital to the Foundation. As operating partner, J.C. Hempel Foundation will cover the administrative costs and provide premises for the office’s of the Mary Foundation. This ensures that all funds from the Foundation can be allocated to achieving its’ objective. ‘I am so pleased and proud that we have managed to build a solid base for the work of the Foundation. A solid base is necessary if we are to achieve our objectives and secure the long-term impact of the foundation. It is inspiring to see so many dedicated people coming together to achieve a common goal. Particularly, as this is one of the principal ideals of The Mary Foundation – both through the way we work and through our projects,’ the Crown Princess says. With support from its co-founders, the Foundation has secured a capital of DKK 73.6 million. The initial capital of 1.1 million kroner was donated by the people of Denmark and Greenland on the occasion of the wedding of Their Royal Highnesses The Crown Prince and The Crown Princess in May 2004 and presented as a gift. The inaugural meeting marks the start of an establishment phase for The Mary Foundation. The Crown Princess expects to be able to publicly present the Foundation’s opening initiatives in the beginning of 2008. Photos from the meeting can be required from photographer Steen Brogaard, e-mail: Steen@brogaard.com P. Thornit Chief of the Court of HRH The Crown Prince of Denmark http://www.kronprinsparret.dk/5102774
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