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  1. Yes, they both looked to have moments of appearing quite moved by the warmth from the crowd. That is a lot of people on the square. Princess Benedikte (?) waving from her apartment window in the palace next door.
  2. TV2 video showing some of the Crown Princess's personal photos included in the book bog med billeder af Kronprinsen udkommer i dag - Kronprinsessen bidrager med private billeder:article
  3. A new photographic book has been released today, on the Crown Prince's actual birthday: "HRH Kronprins Frederik" Acknowledgement goes to Stig @ SRMB for this news. From the publisher's blurb and autotranslate: "On the occasion of the 50th birthday of the HKH Crown Prince, HKH the Crown Princess, together with four of Denmark's most talented photographers, collected a number of very special moments from the last 25 years of the Crown Prince's life. The Crown Princess also contributes with selected images from his own archive. It has become a poetic narrative in words and pictures that invite the reader behind the official facade and draw a nuanced and honest picture of Denmark's future king. Frederik André Henrik Christian, His Royal Highness Crown Prince, Prince to Denmark, Count of Monpezat. The Crown Prince was born on May 26, 1968, celebrating his 50th birthday in 2018. The Crown Prince is a cand.scient.pol. from Aarhus University and has an impressive military career, where he has, among other things, completed the PhD education at Søværnets Frømandskorps. Presentation of the Photographers: Steen Brogaard (born 1961) has photographed the Kongehuset since 1992. Based on the activists and reportage photographs of the eighties, he is today recognized for his extensive work as a portrait and reportage photographer in political, commercial and cultural Denmark . Steen Evald (born 1963) has photographed the Kongehuset since 1998. He has received great recognition for his work in portrait, art, advertising, fashion and magazine photography for 35 years. Marc Høm (born 1967) is a fashion photographer and residing in New York since 1987. As a sought after portrait photographer, Høm has taken pictures of the greatest stars from Johnny Depp to David Beckham and photographed for major international fashion magazines. Franne Voigt (born 1967) has photographed the Kongehuset since 2009 and is considered among the country's best portrait photographers. Franne Voigt has photographed fashion campaigns for major Danish clothing companies and works for a number of foreign magazines."
  4. Beautiful! Thanks cph & mls for your coverage. A very Happy Birthday to Crown Prince Frederik!
  5. 23 May - Visit in Aarhus

    BB articles "Crown Prince Frederik and Mary have arrived at Aarhus with Dannebrog" Video "Video: Crown Prince Couple warmly received in Aarhus"
  6. 21 May - Royal Run

    Crown Prince Frederik completed the final 10 kilometres in Copenhagen in 57 minutes. Mary and the children were at the finish line to greet him. "I can not wish much more," Crown Prince Frederik said to TV2's reporter after finishing his final run during the Royal Run. "It's great experience to have your close family with you - both on the balcony and on the circuit." The Crown Prince thanks all volunteers "I would also like to say before we completely round off thanks to the volunteers - both in Copenhagen, but especially in the rest of the country. Thousands thank you for your support, for your mood and today, the atmosphere has just been extremely good," said Crown Prince Frederik after his last race.
  7. 21 May - Royal Run

    Video of CPF waving to his mother at Amalienborg
  8. 21 May - Royal Run

    TV2 live blog reports that Queen Margrethe will watch from the window at Amalienborg, which is at the 5 km mark.
  9. 21 May - Royal Run

    Crown Prince Frederik has arrived at the starting line for the final 10 km run in Copenhagen.
  10. 21 May - Royal Run

    TV2 Fyn Article and VIDEO "Crown Princess Mary ran 10 kilometres in Odense in less than an hour"
  11. 21 May - Royal Run

    F&M greeting the Mayor of Odense.
  12. 21 May - Royal Run

    According to TV2 reporter , Jes Dorph Pedersen. Crown Princess Mary has a set pace to maintain to achieve a certain time. This means two to three runners will run in front of her to make sure she's keeping up to her time. The Crown Princess's goal is to complete 10 kilometers in a time of 50 minutes to run the distance in Odense.
  13. 21 May - Royal Run

    TV2 coverage "Crown Prince about celebration run in Esbjerg: It was the most beautiful sight I have seen in a long time" Christian løb fra både mor og søskende - se tiderne her:article "Prince Christian ran ahead of both mother and siblings - see the times here" Follow the run directly here