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  1. 23. August 2018 The Crown Prince Couple, together with their four children, officially visits the Faroe Islands on 23-26. August on the Royal Yacht Dannebrog.
  2. It's lovely to have your personal reports from right there, mls!
  3. Thanks mls. Have a lovely stay in Copenhagen!
  4. CPM attends 'European Development Days'

    kongehuset photos
  5. CPM attends 'European Development Days'

    BB article The European Development Days conference is organized by the European Commission and is held this year for the 12th time under the theme "Women and Girls at the Forefront of Sustainable Development: protect, empower, invest". At the conference, the Crown Princess held a speech. - "Educated girls realise higher wages and greater upward mobility. Education also builds up resilience and equips girls and women to face the impacts of climate change ..."
  6. Short article about this event in, but no photos
  7. Unannounced Events 2018

    BB article about the Red Barnet social project 'A place for all' "Frederik had an amazing day with the football boys"
  8. A Little more info from BB "Crown Prince Frederik's children surprised the music show: sweet words to father" ... Also the seven-year-old twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine spoke to their father - and on what his first act as a king should be: "Make sure all people do not throw garbage into nature," said an environmentally conscious Josephine.
  9. I had the impression that they started the dancing, and other couples joined in around them during the first dance, ayvee.
  10. Denmark
  11. 6 articles from BT We have a couple of them already here "Collegues from Frømandskorpset (Naval Special Forces) surprise Frederik in the television show" "She ended up in the middle of the limelight: Did not know she would be seated right there" (About the woman seated directly in front of the Crown Princely Family) "Prince Vincent's reaction to the 'Andes' show: 'Did he really look like that?'" "The Crown Prince was celebrated - but there was another who stole the show" (About Prince Vincent) "Princess Josephine with tears in the eyes at Frederik's great birthday party" (About Josephine's reaction to the tribute song acknowledging Prince Henrik) "World Star: This is Crown Prince Frederik when you meet him privately" (Performer Mø comments on Frederik's ability to put people at ease when he meets them)
  12. BB article "Crown Prince Frederik surprises: has the kids attend the Royal Arena"
  13. and Mary's sister, Patricia is sitting beside Isabella, I think.