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  1. We'll probably only see the arrivals. With lucky some full lenght pictures of them leaving an hotel, or something. With VERY lucky a group picture may be released, but I won't hold my breath on that.
  2. Business promotion to Rome - Day 3

    Gallery fof the Vatican Visit https://www.gettyimages.pt/fotos/pope-francis-meets-crown-princess-mary-and-crown-prince-frederik-of-denmark?family=editorial&phrase=pope francis meets crown princess mary and crown prince frederik of denmark&sort=best#license
  3. Business promotion to Rome - Day 3

    Visit to Vatican and Meeting with the Pope http://kongehuset.dk/foto-video/erhvervsfremstoed-i-italien-dag-3
  4. Business promotion to Rome- Day 1

    They all seem a little lost there...ahahaha
  5. State Visit from France Day 1

    Some kind of red party. Daisy and Benedikte didn't get the memo!
  6. Day 2 - Faroe Islands

  7. Day 1 - Faroe Islands

    Whe you do, please share what they said. Thanks.
  8. Day 1 - Faroe Islands

    What did they say?
  9. Day 1 - Faroe Islands

    I wish I understand danish
  10. Day 1 - Faroe Islands

    Yes he is. The 4 seem to be very united. It's great to see!