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  1. A very successful broadcast with @DR1TV to be able to preserve very well the royal family as much as possible, in my opinion. Of course we will see intrusive pictures, but concerning the broadcast was very nicely handled.
  2. Prince Henrik's coffin, at the moment resting at the Knight Hall at Christian IX Palace, sits on three wooden supports. The upper is made of ash tree from Fredensborg Castle, the center of the pine tree from the Château de Cayx and in the bottom wood from Gråsten Castle.
  3. Marie looks also heartbroken. Poor thing...It was really nice to see Athena leaving with her bestfriend-cousin Josephine.
  4. Funny, I allways thought Christian's body posture was the same as his daddy.
  5. Wow. I wasn't expecting this. That's a really nice gesture from them. Josie and Athena holding hands it's too precious for words.
  6. Yes, and you did great. Your team work on this forum it's great and much appreciated. You perform a coverage with information and grace. Congrats.
  7. I won't share pictures on my blog, or twitter page unless they are shared by the danish royal house, but I can't help myself to search for them. It's a funny thing, because there is nothing morbid about that. Just want to see them as they were my family to "support" them by farway. That's what royal families do to you. We really admire them and feel all (or almost all) of their moments, as ours.
  8. Death of HRH Prince Henrik

    I wasn't expecting the Queen to come out. Very nice from her, I think.
  9. Death of HRH Prince Henrik

    Henrik was not my favorite royal at all, and last year, with all the health issues and statements, all the postures and talks, was particulary odd imo. BUT, he was a unique person, with a real passion for live, beauty, arts. And I'm sure his family and friends will miss him terribly. And I'm genuinely sad today.
  10. Death of HRH Prince Henrik

    Thanks. It's great!
  11. Death of HRH Prince Henrik

    Who did this?
  12. New Year's Levee "Grand Court" Christiansborg Palace

    Via @nuriatiburcio
  13. New Year's Levee & Banquet, Amalienborg

    Oh no, you aren't!!!!!
  14. DRF at Reformation 500th anniversary gala concert

    Mary looks gorgeous in midnight blue!!!!!!!