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  1. Thank you for the picture and info. Always nice to see them out and about from time to time. Nice they can share their love of riding and horses together.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJjq2IBApFL/?igshid=3ar6q4h8fv1g
  3. A bit late on my part. But I hope everyone had a good Christmas.
  4. Lovely greeting indeed. Love their little walk and Grace doing a cameo.
  5. I bet. Hopefully we get the family Christmas greeting and maybe a Church outing. Or we get more of the unannounced visits.
  6. He looks fantastic. And how great that they updated the official calendar ; )
  7. Lovely photo of the two! Good eye. It is slightly different from the previous one used for the CP Couple Cultural Prizes.
  8. I'm sure all have been tested by now, and hopefully we get info soon on his condition. I'm guessing this will affect Frederik and Mary's events this week.
  9. Hope for a speedy recovery for Christian. Now the crown prince family in quarantine.
  10. Video of Frederik out running and giving a little way to some boys dressed as soldiers https://www.instagram.com/p/CHnmNV5Bw1F/?igshid=n57khcyw9fe7
  11. One photo is the usual when it's a suit and tie type of event. But hey, the court did add Thursday event on the calendar, so that's great too lol
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