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  1. How sweet that Christian took the photo
  2. Sad but makes sense. Hope the kids adn the family enjoyed their time.
  3. Is in the zaatari camp in Jordan together with Crown Prince Frederik, Secretary-General of the red child Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen and minister rasmus prehn. It is about children, children who have been exposed to the horrors of war in Syria. Here, save the child is trying to fill up the holes so that the mental wounds that the scars have healed and they can grow up and become whole people. They do so, among other things, through a football project. We'll tell you more about that on Sunday in our 21 TV newspaper. Here you can. A watch the crown prince play football
  4. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ESHDwYtWsAYAJPm?format=jpg&name=small
  5. That would be good. It looks like he is not wearing his arm sling today
  6. Im so glad they gave a photo, they usually dont. Frederik looks good
  7. Article on the chairs https://www.billedbladet.dk/kongelige/danmark/se-billederne-dronning-margrethe-har-faaet-nye-moebler#billede-123555-9 and Frederik is wearing a different shoulder sling today : D
  8. Great! I can imagine they might, at least part of the week, with Mary and Frederik having events starting the 26 in Denmark
  9. Glad it was a relatively minor injury. He has an event on Thursday, so we will get to see him soon. Hopeful for a speedy recovery
  10. There were lots of big smiles from our patron H.K.H. The Crown Prince when he came over for New Year's cure. In a speech, he thanked all of you who are volunteers, foundations, businesses and all of you who support our work. Without you, we cannot help around the world and at home. And the Crown Prince said that it means he can tell his children about the people he meets and the things he experiences when he is out and see our work around the world ❤️ And that he looks forward to being able to continue to engage. "I am also Red Cross," the Crown Prince concluded - and we are infinitely happy about that
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