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  1. Is that the heir's flag?
  2. All 3 look like they had a great time https://www.billedbladet.dk/kongelige/danmark/se-dronningen-hygge-sig-sammen-med-mary-og-frederik https://www.ppe-agency.com/show.php?zoektype=2&search=16-06-2020 Denmark
  3. Yes somehow the years 13 and 14 flew by ; )
  4. Christian looks so big. Full teenager now.
  5. Frederik at work with Mikkel. sticking out at sea. Maybe filmed an episode with Mikkel?
  6. Frederik spotted around Copenhagen (3 and 4 pics) a few days ago
  7. Love seeing father and son events. Christian is not so little anymore. great topic too
  8. As patron of the State of Green, Frederik to speak at a webinar May 27 https://play.stateofgreen.com/green-recovery-partnerships-for/join?live_status=upcoming&collector_filled=0 High-level webinar about global #GreenRecovery Join us on 27 May for our GREEN TALKS premiere about partnerships for sustainable growth
  9. He looks fantastic! https://www.avisen.dk/frederik-saa-paa-sprit_599532.aspx&gp=1#Gallery
  10. Good find. The hat looks similar but hard to get a close up
  11. Looking extra handsome with his glasses. Is the picture on his desk, maybe Mary...Maybe in Greenland?
  12. Both are fine indeed. What a cute way to support the reopening of small businesses.
  13. Video of the cars arriving with Frederik and Mary and Joachim and Marie https://www.billedbladet.dk/kongelige/danmark/se-kronprinsparret-samt-joachim-og-marie-ankomme-til-foedselsdagsmiddag
  14. Love the greetings from the other royals houses. Wha ta treat. And the video of the grandkids, love their cute switch of the letters
  15. Agree . There was a painting with the 3 but this was the last official portrait I think
  16. Such great photos. Love the 3rd picture with the Queen in between Frederik and Christian
  17. What a sweet message, love that she included a private pic. I believe its from 2013
  18. two small group photos with Frederik
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