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  1. the article can be read here https://en.calameo.com/read/0007751947a5c055521ec
  2. When His Royal Highness the Crown Prince opens the Northern Lights Festival tomorrow at the National Museum in Copenhagen, it is as patron of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the 5th Thule expedition, which was initiated by polar researcher Knud Rasmussen in 1921. The Crown Prince has agreed to be the patron of the entire anniversary, which lasts until 2024. In the Greenlandic travel magazine Suluk, you can read a new interview this month, where His Royal Highness on the occasion of the anniversary years tells about Knud Rasmussen and tells about his own Greenland expedition 21 years ago: “It was for me, who had never entered that part of Greenland before, a huge moment that I appreciate even more over the years. The further away I get from it, the more fun it is to reread my diaries, and of course it is also interesting in this context to look into some of Knud Rasmussen's books and study his stories ”. The pictures of the Crown Prince were taken in Knud Rasmussen's House in Hundested. Knud Rasmussen's expedition was an 18,000 kilometer long sleigh ride through the Arctic landscape, from Greenland across Arctic Canada, along the north coast of Alaska to the Bering Strait and eastern Siberia. The purpose of the expedition, which lasted over three years (1921-1924), was to gather new knowledge about Arctic cultures.
  3. 17. September 2021, 4:00 pm HRH The Crown Prince attends opening of Nordlys Festival (Northern Lights Festival) as patron of marking of the centenary of the 5. Thule Expedition. National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen https://www.arktis.natmus.dk/ The National Museum marks the 100th anniversary of Knud Rasmussen's pioneering 5. Thule expedition (1921-1924) with the festival Nordlys from 17-19. September 2021. HRH Crown Prince Frederik is the patron of the anniversary
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    Royal Run 2021

    Fantastic day. Thanks for all the links A medal and a kiss for Frederik
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    Royal Run 2021

  6. Aww you are right. The short is orange today. I thought he had change sweaters. Thanks
  7. There are some very wonderful pictures of both.
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-9919115/Crown-Prince-Frederik-Denmark-53-takes-marking-Bluefin-Tuna-Skagen.html?ito=social-twitter_mailonline
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