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  1. So cute of them cheering and enjoying the football match.
  2. I saw it. Ohmygosh. The way he collapsed. Ohmygosh. My prayers are with him. 🙏🏻
  3. It's terrifying but I hope he will get well. Ohmygosh!
  4. Because of the pandemic they are just mostly at Frederik VIII. So maybe they are not really there coz there is no flag. It's already easter. I wonder where they will spent the easter holiday hope they would post again just like the winter holiday.
  5. That means that the Crown Prince Couple and their children is not there right? Seems like they are having their easter holiday somewhere.
  6. The DRF Calendar. It says there they update schedules 14 days before. Am I right? But the meetings that Mary had. They put it on the calendar so late. Lol. Is it an unexpected meetings?
  7. Is it just me or they put CP Mary's meetings on the calendar when it is already done and posted on the official Instagram of the DRF?
  8. They really decorate and designed their home based on their taste. And their love for art. ❤️
  9. Oh wow. That's so cool that the other rooms in their home have stories and reflects their lives together and their children ❤️ That's so beautiful!
  10. This photo is in his office?
  11. She looks so happy that she has gone out and not work from home. She looks so beautiful. Love her smile 💕
  12. It's their past time to ride horses. When they got bored. They go out to ride horses. Vincent and Christian seems they are not to fond on riding horses. Only the girls. Love how Frederik accompanies his girls on the riding field. 💕
  13. Christian and Vincent are not into horses that much. Lol.
  14. That Karin Nissen it says that she is an expert in dressage. Maybe she helps Mary to train. Yeah love how Frederik accompanies his girls to ride horses and lookout for them.
  15. Saw it already! Thank you so much 💕
  16. I know. We are hoping for more so we could see them always. I can't see 'Upcoming events' block that you are talking about.
  17. Maybe they are at the stables too. Like you know expert with horses. They bring Grace with them again.
  18. That's Frederik the one who is talking to a blonde. Don't know who that blonde is.
  19. Whose the blonde on the photos? Why I don't see Mary with Isabella Josephine and Frederik? Maybe it got hit somewhere under her eye. It's gone now on her new pictures.
  20. Whose the blonde Frederik is talking to? Report post (IP: Posted 5 minutes ago Why there are no photos of Mary with Frederik, Isabella and Josephine? Whose that blonde?
  21. Maybe it was hit or something. Not by a cosmetic surgery.
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