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  1. A short video https://da-dk.facebook.com/groups/69936254859/permalink/10158638212029860/
  2. A clip from a documentary about the hospice that was shown on regional TV2 Nord
  3. commoner

    Summer news 2019

    Article with some additional photos. Never mind "the opinion":-) https://www.seoghoer.dk/kongelige/karen-thisted-revser-kronprinsens-badetoej-graenser-til-uanstaendighed
  4. commoner

    Summer news 2019

    According to Her & Nu the CP Couple is in Cayx this year. Pictures will probably appear online at some point.
  5. Gallery from the evening from dr.dk https://www.dr.dk/om-dr/nyheder/billeder-kronprinsparret-var-med-til-klassisk-festkoncert-i-dr-byen
  6. A video of the day from Innovationsfonden. Mary's speech http://kongehuset.dk/taler/hkh-kronprinsessens-tale-ved-innotalk-den-1-oktober-2018
  7. Mary's speech http://kongehuset.dk/taler/hkh-kronprinsessens-tale-ved-cbs-responsibility-day-den-3-september-2018
  8. We now know what Mary gave Frederik for his 50th birthday:-) Link to the story Princess Mary commissions painting from Perth artist Michael McWilliams
  9. commoner

    Summer news 2018

    Thanks, mls:-) Maybe the picture of Mary from Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus yesterday should be thrown in here as well.
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