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  1. Article and pictures from Jyllands Posten
  2. We will probably se tomorrow:-)
  3. Relatively nice(yes:-) article and pictures from Ekstra Bladet
  4. Well, that's the question. Trine Larsen said in the live stream that he got the H.R.H and will be addressed with the formal "You"
  5. This is actually a good picture:-) The DRF website should post an official press release on Prince Nikolai getting the order of Elephant and the H.R.H. title. Just to clear up things:-)
  6. Prince Henrik arrived alone. Some of his aides took a gift out of his cars trunk, that could look like Hunting rifle?
  7. Article and nice gallery from Aarhus Stiftstidende
  8. That's some nice pictures:-) Later in the afternoon the whole family visited Fregatten Jylland
  9. You can see Martin Jørgensens farther and a camera man in some of the pictures. I think some of the trip probably will be filmed for the documentary in connection with Frederiks 50th birthday next year. Anyway, according to articles in the local paper the Mayor and the museums director to their surprise were called at 9 am if they would like to guide the CP Family in Svendborg. I guess you can probably not arrive unnoticed in a Royal Yacht like Dannebrog:-)
  10. The DRF has put up a few pictures from the trip on their facebook page
  11. Just met Crown princess Mary and family on Møns Klint
  12. According to DRF website the CP family is at the moment on a unofficial cruise with the ship Dannebrog. Today they among other visited Møns Klint
  13. Thanks, mls Se og Hør's article is mostly pictures - probably a local paparazzi, maybe Se og Hør bid the most - and relatively sparse on information. They(and the other magazines) probably have time to gather more info and pictures for next week. Spanish cotilleando seems to have many of the pictures. The Tennis pictures from Tæt På are most likely from Denmark. As for Joachim, well, I think he a little more party than his reputation:-)
  14. This weeks Point De Vue has some nice pictures inside The Élysée Palace. I don't know French:-) Is there anything interesting in the article? Thanks to Scandinavian Royals
  15. Se this is better:-)