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  1. CPM heads Danish promotion, Seattle

    Not usually my area, but accidently stumbled on this. Mary apparently wore a Moss&Spy dress, an Australian brand, on the first evening. Seems to be this on their website
  2. Unannounced Events 2018

    Article from a local paper with some nice pictures
  3. CPM attends OECD Global Forum, Paris, France

    Video of Mary's speech. Starts around 57 minutes The speech in text A DM article
  4. CPM attends OECD Global Forum, Paris, France

    The DRF have uploaded a gallery with a handfull pics
  5. CPM attends OECD Global Forum, Paris, France

    A few pictures. Probably from the dinner.
  6. That Josephine and Athena have such good relationship, also tells us that Joachim and Frederik can't have grown so far apart as some quarters of Media would like us to believe:-)
  7. Death of HRH Prince Henrik

    Aahhh, social media. This was a reply he got:-) "Steny please return to Denmark where you can spread your socialist ideas."
  8. Death of HRH Prince Henrik

    R.I.P. Prince Henrik and my condolences the DRF. He added some color and edge to the DRF, that will be missed. And he seemed to be a great granddad.
  9. Crown Princess Mary's birthday 2018

    Congratulations on the 46th Birthday:-) Wonder if they will go skiing next week, now that CP Frederik is in South Korea with IOC?
  10. Marys speech
  11. Article and little gallery from Ã…rhus Stiftstidende
  12. Private visit & Christmas in Australia

    They didn't the last time. But they have done it before. IRC a couple of times in a zoo/animal park and one in the Governors House in Sydney.
  13. Private visit & Christmas in Australia

    I think it would be a good idea if they arranged a photo opportunity at some point during the trip. It wont prevent the family from being papped, but I think set of good quality pictures, in between the sporadic out of context snaps that probably will appear throughout the trip, will give a kind of counterballance to it.
  14. General news about F&M 2017

    It's only mentioned as a sidenote in the article, which is about a High School having culturrel trip to Copenhagen, but according to this local paper, Mary and the children were apparently spotted last weekend in The Royal Theater seeing the Ballet The Nutcracker. It's not specific on whether its all four of them.
  15. General news about F&M 2017

    Well, it's not Melania Trumpish or Department Store:-) Simple and a little understated, that it hardly photographs well:-)