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  1. Summer news 2018

    Thanks, mls:-) Maybe the picture of Mary from Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus yesterday should be thrown in here as well.
  2. Summer news 2018

    The CP Family have been spotted on the Island Samsø today.
  3. Well, there is no information to the picture, so I had to give it a shot:-) If the picture is from Aarhus today, maybe Mary will attend the dinner?
  4. Summer news 2018

    Both Her og Nu and Se og Hør had paparazzi pictures from Skagen this week. Both magazines write that the CP family were in Tisvilde, North Zealand for the weekend before heading to Fredensborg.
  5. Maybe Mary is in Aarhus as well. A person uploaded this picture on instagram earlier today. A little later around the same time, the poster uploaded a picture(no Mary) from Moesgaard Museum. Maybe the picture of Mary is from a visit to Moesgaard Museum?
  6. Summer news 2018

    A little news:-) According to the magazine Her og NU, the CP family and the Heering family have been in the USA a couple of weeks. Apparently they been on kind of a Roadtrip on the Westcoast, where they among others visited the Winery in California, where Frederik work for a period when he was young. They have no pictures from the USA trip(yet). Both Her og Nu and Se og Hør have the usual paparazzi pictures of them out riding and on bike to and/or from the Hoarse riding centre. The articles with pictures will probably be online on their websites at some point. This is not a paparazzi/press picture, but just a private citizen who met them on a morning walk.
  7. Unannounced Events 2018

    11 June 2018 CP Mary, together with Minister of Finance and Minister of Development cooperation and others, today met with former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon in Copenhagen. The meeting was about a possible establishment of a UN Museum in Denmark. There was a bit on TV about this tonight(apparently no press inside the meeting). An article from From instagram
  8. CPM attends 2018 Reumert Awards

    From an article from
  9. CPM attends 'European Development Days'

    Pictures from the conference Lots of pictures from arrival, visiting stands and meeting
  10. CPM heads Danish promotion, Seattle

    Not usually my area, but accidently stumbled on this. Mary apparently wore a Moss&Spy dress, an Australian brand, on the first evening. Seems to be this on their website
  11. Unannounced Events 2018

    Article from a local paper with some nice pictures
  12. CPM attends OECD Global Forum, Paris, France

    Video of Mary's speech. Starts around 57 minutes The speech in text A DM article
  13. CPM attends OECD Global Forum, Paris, France

    The DRF have uploaded a gallery with a handfull pics
  14. CPM attends OECD Global Forum, Paris, France

    A few pictures. Probably from the dinner.
  15. That Josephine and Athena have such good relationship, also tells us that Joachim and Frederik can't have grown so far apart as some quarters of Media would like us to believe:-)