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  1. Bg I think the palace PR department is twigging to the good publicity the "helping the old lady across the road" and the "old man in the fountain" episodes have generated (or the marketing princess herself, Mary). There seems to be quite a few openings of centres aimed at the elderly as well as health care related trips. Will Mary be the darling of the blue rinse set? It seems to me that she will be sponsoring in the health, aged care and mental health areas. Hotdog
  2. Thanks BrooklynGirl I was a little unsure in starting this post that it would be positive. So much of the commentry on RB and Royal Forums on this isn't. I can understand the anger of the people of Harlem. PEOPLE DO REMEMBER Expanding AGAIN: There appears to be a lot of criticism that she isn't doing as much work as the Spanish Crown Princess. I find this very unfair as Mary is dealing with a much smaller country, in a new language and not having come from a journalistic background. Leticia (spelling?) probably knows more about dodgy charities in Spain than the entire rest of the country. She has had privilaged information for many years that journalists can't put to print. Mary can't rely on having local knowledge she must rely on palace advisers and the Royal Family only. Hotdog
  3. I though I'd start this on after seeing that some posters on another message board are getting very negative about Mary not having taken on any charities officially yet. I notice in Vogue article that she says thet she would like to thoroughly research them first. I agree with this but obviously there are a few that don't. I wish to put forward some background information that may not be known outside Australia(or even forgotten within). In the 80's and 90's Australia had a number of charity scandals involving the disappearance and misappropriation of funds from large, well established and registered charities. This sort of thing could cause great embaressment to the royal family if they are seen putting their name or Mary's to a charity that rips off donors and recipients. I can remember this as one of our local charities "Jesus People" was the recipient of our School Fun Run money until the minister took all the money. Looking at the very negative comments coming from Royal Blue I have to ask. Would these people understand if Mary rushed in and took on a charity that unbeknown was "cooking the books". I DOUBT IT Mary has to face a few issue: The very large international and very reputable charities are well covered by family members She needs to thoroughly analyze the financial and public standing of the charities when all documentation will be in Danish. She may be able to read it but it wil be SLOW It will take a while to delve through the charities to find ones she is interested in. Mary obviously has shown interest in issues. Her appearance at the breast cancer launch shows this. Obviously this is already covered by Alex so she can't really take it on. I have seen mention on Australian Media that she put her name to BeyondBlue the Australian government sponsored charity for clinical depression www.beyondblue.com.au I cant see any mention at the site but it could have been unofficial. It is much easier for her to take on an Australian charity; the accreditation process would be much more transparent to her and this site has received recognition from many well known names including the ex-premier of Victoria. Hope this isn't too long-winded. Please put forward charity ideas for Mary that other family members aren't already covering. There's got to be some way we can make Mary's day easier. Hotdog <au> F)
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