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  1. https://www.kongehuset.dk/video-uddeling-af-industriens-fonds-ivaerksaetterpris-2020
  2. 27. January https://www.instagram.com/p/CKhVTeZB5eP/ with a short video Poster writes in English
  3. https://www.facebook.com/danishtechchallenge/videos/856048054943315/
  4. https://dtc2020.dk/ https://dtusciencepark.com/futurebox/danish-tech-challenge/ https://www.industriensfond.dk/english/about-the-foundation
  5. 28. January 2020, 1:00 pm H.R.H. The Crown Prince announces the winner of The Danish Industry Foundation's Entrepreneurship Award at the virtual finals of Danish Tech Challenge. The Danish Industry Foundation Entrepreneurship Award is presented to the winner of the accelerator program Danish Tech Challenge, which the Industry Foundation has developed together with DTU Science Park. The award is 500,000 DKK. Due to the situation regarding COVID-19, the course ends with a virtual final.
  6. 16th December Her Royal Highness crown princess Mary off to train dressage at the royal stables https://www.instagram.com/p/CI3WRN3nw6H/
  7. https://via.ritzau.dk/pressemeddelelse/hkh-kronprinsen-deltog-i-red-barnets-briefing-om-digitale-kraenkelser?publisherId=13559618&releaseId=13609637 On Friday, Save the Children's patron HRH, the Crown Prince gained a greater knowledge of the part of children and young people's lives that takes place online. The Crown Prince was invited to attend a virtual briefing meeting on Save the Children's counseling Delete It and the organization's work to prevent and protect children from violations and abuse online. During the corona crisis, many children and young people have spent more time alone in front of the screen, and this has increased the need for Save the Children's work in the digital field. At the meeting, Save the Children's experts told about the inquiries that the organization receives to Delete It from children and young people, and about the serious consequences it can have, for example, to share a nude photo against its will. Save the Children's Secretary General, Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen, is very grateful that the Crown Prince participated in the briefing meeting. - It means a lot for the work of preventing online violations that the Crown Prince is involved. It sends a strong signal to the victims. Unfortunately, many of them feel guilty about what has happened, and the Crown Prince's commitment can therefore help to make them and others understand that they have not done anything wrong. It is the one who shares a picture without consent who should be ashamed, says Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen 📸 Kongehuset og Cathrine Hasholt/Red Barnet©️
  8. 22. January 2021, 10:00 am H.R.H. The Crown Prince participates as a patron in a virtual meeting about Save the Children's counselling service 'Delete It'
  9. Earlier today, I attended a virtual meeting about Save the Children's counseling service 'Delete It', which works to combat digital abuse of children and young people. Especially in this time when the digital space has taken over even more of the social interaction, it is worrying to hear about the violations that many children and young people experience online. It can have very serious consequences involuntarily to share a picture online, and it is important to tell and explain that the person who gets to share the pictures should not feel guilt and shame. As patron of Save the Children, I am therefore pleased to hear about initiatives such as 'Delete It' counselling that can help the children and young people who have been exposed to abuse online. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKWMPGlg4BS/
  10. 22. January 2021, 10:00 am H.R.H. The Crown Prince participates as patron in a virtual meeting about Save the Children's counselling service 'Delete It' https://redbarnet.dk/sletdet/om-sletdet/
  11. It's good that Mary provides an English translation to at least some of her posts. I wish there would be one for all of them. They do have lots of non-Danish followers.
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