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  1. Unannounced Events 2018

    Posting this here, for now. Not sure if this is from today or any details. "Visit from the Crown Princess at the ward"
  2. Thank you, Riki "“Women’s health and gender equality is under pressure internationally. 214 miljon. women do not have access to the contraception they want”, HRH Crown Princess Mary at conference for women’s health + gender equality "
  3. 11. December 2018, 10:00 am HRH The Crown Princess attends, with The Danish Family Planning Association, The Investment Fund for Developing Countries and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a conference on SRHR & Private Sector Engagement. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Eightveds Pakhus, Copenhagen
  4. Audiences 89 Danes were today received by the Crown Prince during the public audience at Christiansborg.
  5. Audiences

    10. December 2018, 10:00 am Public audience at Christiansborg Palace. The Crown Prince is regent and holds the public audience.
  7. Mary, Frederik and kids + John and Susan Donaldson all attended the Christmas Concert.
  8. 16. January 2019 Crown Princess Mary attends the inaguration of Trygfonden Family House Hammel Neurocenter as patron of The Danish Brain Injury Association.