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  1. 27. November Crown Prince Frederik participates in a webinar: https://www.wri.org/events/2020/10/time-transformation-p4g-state-of-art P4G State-of-the-Art Awards & WRI Report Launch Transformative Partnerships to accelerate the SDGs "Join us for a webinar – featuring speakers like the Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, the First Lady of Colombia, the 8th Secretary General of the UN and more – honoring some of the world’s most innovative cross-sector collaborations for sustainable development and sharing science-based catalysts for achieving a truly transformative partnership."
  2. Doesn't look like it. It's only a few hours. The already twice postponed visit to the Netherlands is meant to take place at some point, probably next year. Tentative program in link https://www.danskindustri.dk/arrangementer/soeg/arrangementer/internationalt/royal-digital-business-conference/
  3. The Crown Prince gives an opening speech in connection with a virtual business promotion to the Netherlands. "It will be the first virtual business promotion with royal participation ever. The promotion takes the form of a green conference entitled "Partnering for Green Transition". A physical visit to the Netherlands will be held when it becomes possible again."
  4. https://beta.tt.se/bild/q=7th award ceremony copenhagen October 26th 2020
  5. https://kongehuset.dk/nyheder/koreograf-sebastian-kloborg-og-de-anbragtes-vilkaar-modtager-kronprinsparrets-stjernedryspriser The Crown Prince Couple's Cultural Stardust Award - goes to choreographer Sebastian Kloborg and The Crown Prince Couple's Social Stardust Award to 'De Anbragtes Vilkår' "The social organization 'De Anbragtes Vilkår' receives the Crown Prince Couple's Social Stardust Award to ensure that the experiences and voices of children and young people who are or have been placed in care are heard in an ambitious, competent and innovative way."
  6. mls

    The DRF & COVID-19

    The visit has been postponed. New date unknown at the moment.
  7. From the artist himself, also in English https://www.instagram.com/p/CG0BqcFnJBy/
  8. https://www.ppe-agency.com/show.php?zoektype=2&search=26-10-2020 Denmark
  9. https://julemaerket.kontainer.com/folder/186366
  10. mls

    The DRF & COVID-19

    A Royal Hunt hosted by Crown Prince Frederik Tuesday 3. November and also one of QM's event's the same day are cancelled...
  11. https://www.julemaerket.dk/1340/julemaerket2020 https://youtu.be/8zleOm0sEsM Fotos: Fotograf Søren Hytting
  12. https://www.billedbladet.dk/kongelige/danmark/mary-gjorde-fornem-entre-til-anderledes-prisfest https://www.billedbladet.dk/video/7HIWI8Mj/RwRPGGvp
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