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  1. Thursday 15 February 8:00 am Mourning salute at Battery Sixtus in Copenhagen and at Kronborg Castle. His Royal Highness Prince Henrik died on Tuesday 13 February 2018. A mourning salute will take place tomorrow at 8.00am. The mourning salute will be carried out from the Sixtus Battery on Holmen in Copenhagen and from the cannons at Kronborg Castle in Helsingør. The Navy’s Military Police Guard on Holmen will fire the cannons at the Sixtus Battery, and soldiers from the Artillery Unit at Oksbøl will fire the cannons at Kronborg Castle. The salute consists of three times 27 shots, which are fired at 30-second intervals (approx. 40 minutes). Seen historically, during Danish warfare, the “dansk løsen” consisting of three shots was fired to indicate the placement of the Danish units. The mourning salute has its roots in the “dansk løsen”, and therefore there is a tradition that it can be divided into three.
  2. Big gallery with some very good photos from the past days, not all of the family
  3. Danish
  4. It seems this is the last "event" for the family before the funeral on Tuesday. Monday 1 pm there is a special event at Christiansborg Palace Church, Castrum Doloris, for about 200 invited guests, friends, godchildren and representation from the many patronages and Danish industry but I haven't seen mentioning of the family attending.
  5. And short clip of the family leaving
  6. Billed Bladet was obviously wrong about the time. The family spent about 15 min inside and have now left. Good that the children were left home this time.
  7. Lord Chamberlain of the Danish Royal Court, Michael Ehrenreich and Director of Communications, Lene Balleby arrive
  8. 17 February 2018, 10:15 am The Royal Family participates in Castrum Doloris at Christiansborg Palace Church.
  9. Denmark Again a photo where you can see Isabella turning back to look at her father, how he is doing. There was a similar one when the family left Fredensborg for Amalienborg.
  11. Thank you, mitchell. Nice to have you here. Schroll down to the bottom of the page for a gallery
  12. I thought so too. This private event is expected to take about 30min.
  13. There will be about 25 people attending + the Royal family.
  14. 16 February 2018, 6:00 pm The royal family participates in the transfer of H.R.H. Prince Henriks's bier from Christian IX's Palace, Amalienborg, to Christiansborg Palace Church. More info: "When The Prince’s bier is driven to Christiansborg Palace Church, the hearse will be followed by Her Majesty The Queen and the royal family in vehicles. Upon arrival at Christiansborg Palace Church, The Prince’s bier will be met by a guard of honour with colours from the Jutland Dragoon Regiment, after which the bier will be carried into the Palace Church by 10 officers from The Royal Life Guard. Outside, The Prince’s Band will play Hoffmann’s funeral march for Thorvaldsen and, inside the church, the Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir will sing, after which the royal family will participate in a private religious service led by the royal Chaplain-In-Ordinary." The French side of the family also attend the service led by Erik Norman Svendsen.
  15. And the supports, the bucks, are made by the Royal Craftsmen of the Queen's Household. The guards are from the Royal Life Guard and conscripts from the Royal Yacht Dannebrog. It's a beautiful photo. Prince Henrik's seems to have had everything ready and planned.
  16. Both Josephine and Vincent are (again) wearing coats "inherited" from Isabella and Christian. That I have never noticed. There was a photo of Isabella somewhere yesterday were she for the first time (to me) resembled a young Queen Margrethe around the time she got engaged.
  17. As Queen Mathilde said in Copenhagen last year: There are many things that the press doesn't know about. One of the favourite subjects of certain parts of the Danish press for years now...You can always make a good front cover with that one. Prince Henrik has been a top subject for months now. I wonder what they'll be using now that's he is gone.