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  1. I've always loved this gown on Mary. Very regal cut and color. She looked fabulous! And, I agree with a previous poster, we originally saw this gown when she was pregnant with Isabella. It's a gown with nine lives!
  2. Looks like Christian is suffering from the typical teenage plague -- acne. No doubt that he's getting treated for it.
  3. So nice to see Queen Anne Marie attend. She wasn't on the original guest list.
  4. smt

    Royal Hunts 2019

    I saw a photo of Mary and Carina walking together. The photos don't show everyone clearly. I noticed that GD Henri of Luxembourg is hidden behind the Queen in one of the photos.
  5. smt

    Hubertus Hunt 2019

    No Frederik, Isabella, and Vincent?
  6. Stunning gown. Mary wears that particular shape quite well. Is it red or a dusty orange color?
  7. I absolutely adore both of the gowns worn by Mary today. I look forward to seeing them at some future New Year's event!
  8. Any ideas why? I could understand Christian studying abroad since he is at the age where a better understanding of other cultures/nations will be important to his future role. But all four?
  9. Is Mary wearing a redesigned version of the gown she wore for Victoria's pre-wedding Gala?
  10. I love that dress, especially the neckline on Mary with an updo!
  11. Could someone please translate? On the one hand, I could understand that the F&M want to enhance Christian's relationships with his fellow heirs. On the other hand, why not bring along Isabella, Vincent, and Josephine. I understand that the families are very close so it wouldn't have been unusual
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