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  1. smt

    New Year's Levee & Banquet

    Hmm … I have to believe this may be one of the more interesting gowns Mary has ever worn. I like the "idea" of the gown -- the lace and the cut. Unfortunately, I don't think the color combination is regal enough to pull off for this particular event.
  2. Great to see John and Susan Donaldson join the family.
  3. As always, Mary looks lovely!
  4. As usual, Mary looks stunning. I love the jewels. They look to be new. Any ideas as to designer and/or provenance?
  5. Mary's dress is beautiful. Is the pin Ole Lyngard (I don't know if my spelling of the name is correct).
  6. Did the article say that Christian was sick/had a cold and stayed home. I don't speak Danish. Thanks for the help!
  7. Mary looks absolutely stunning! I'm usually not a fan of fringe, but the entire look -- head to toe -- is fabulous!
  8. The family looks wonderful!
  9. Love the kids in national costume. They are so well behaved and mannerly.
  10. Lovely photos. I do, however, miss seeing QMII and the extended family.
  11. Will we ever be able to see the video from the Sunday event w/the children?
  12. Anyone else surprised or have information as to why Carina Axelsson and Susan and John Donaldson didn't attend?
  13. I was away for the holiday weekend here in the USA and had spotting Wi-Fi coverage. Drats! Yesterday of all days! I was able to see some photos and video on my phone, but nothing like the real thing here on a full computer screen. Yowza! What a Gala! Here are some thoughts: QMII: fabulous new gown. The tiara has always been a No for me -- especially with that color gown. However, I understand why she chose to wear it. Mary: OMG! Fabulous from top-to-toe! Frederik: WOW! He wears 50 quite well I have to say that I was as bit surprised about Marie-Olympia -- looks like she has already started with cosmetic injections. Is that my imagination? Oh well, a fabulous event!
  14. In general, I find this painter's work too dark (literally) …. both portraits of Frederik and Mary are nice, but literally too dark and moody for my taste.