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  1. Beautiful service, but I thought it was odd that none of the children of Anne Marie and Benedikte attended the service. JMHO
  2. Looks as if the Queen began to cry quite heavily at the end. I wonder if that's why no photos of the inside of the church at this point?
  3. Is Isabella wearing a Daisy broach?
  4. Christian is a mini-John Donaldson
  5. May he rest in peace.
  6. I've always loved this outfit on Mary. It's been a few years since we've seen it. I don't recognize the earrings. Anyone?
  7. New Year's Levee Christiansborg Palace

    Mary wore this gown last year. I wonder which gown we will see at the next reception?
  8. New Year's Levee & Banquet, Amalienborg

    Happy New Year to my fellow posters! Mary looked fabulous tonight. 'Just love the red gown.
  9. Kudos to Mary for wearing a design by one of the winners. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of the dress -- can't decide whether it's the embellishment on the bottom or the shininess of the material. Although I love those shoes ... don't think it was the right choice for that particular dress. Oh well ...
  10. CPM opens HAY Festival Aarhus 2017

    This coat has always been one of my favorites! I think she first wore it either shortly after Christian's birth or while she was pregnant with Isabella. It's a classic!
  11. DRF attend Opening of Parliament

    Mary looks lovely! As for QMII -- that hat, oh dear. Gotta love her "sensible shoes"
  12. DRF at Army Medal of Honour Dinner

    That's the gown Mary wore to the Monegasque wedding reception. I really like that she wore the brooch from the Ruby Parure in a vertical manner rather than the usual horiztonal.
  13. So pleased to see pictures. Fabulous gown and jewelry!
  14. Mary is wearing one of my favorite dresses! She and the kids look fabulous. I am questioning Alexandra's choice in shoes? I don't get the color w/that dress. At the risk of getting "tabloid" ... I just have to wonder if Alexandra has any regrets? Joachim looks very happy in his life w/Marie. Alexandra is now all alone. JMHO.
  15. CPM at UNLEASH event

    Is Mary wearing the Queen's "Daisy" pin or is it just similar in design?
  16. Only Daisy could carry off that raincoat! She is true to herself. Good for her!
  17. I love Mary's evening look! Simply stunning!!!
  18. Mary looks fabulous! On a more "work-related" note -- she takes such a professional approach to her role as a consort.
  19. I had once read that Mary didn't wear the ruby parure to a State Banquet because she was not yet the consort and she would be in the presence of other consorts. She only wore it to "State" occasions. Sounds reasonable. So, why last evening? I loved seeing it with that gown. Perfection!
  20. Is Mary wearing the same top as she did to the Luxembourg royal wedding? The top looks the same. However, I think this may be a different skirt.
  21. Crown Princess Mary's 45th birthday

    Happy bitthday, Crown Princess Mary!
  22. CPM at Danish Swimming Awards 2017

    Love this outfit and color on Mary!
  23. I have always loved this navy blue skirt, but i'm a bit unsure about the top. Overall, though, a great look for Mary. Does anyone have information about her earrings? They look to be new.
  24. Happy birthday, Vincent and Josephine!