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  1. Article with 12 good pics from the Daily Mail:
  2. Daily Mail:
  3. They work for me. Thank you, M. I love how the CPC coordinate their outfits here.
  4. Another BB article, this time with an embedded video:
  5. BB article with two pics:
  6. CPM Presents CPM Scholarships 2017
  7. CPM visits Home Guard Command

    The Daily Mail:
  8. CPM visits Home Guard Command

    One more photo from the DRF's instagram page:
  9. CPM visits Svanevig Hospice

    A Billed Bladet article with embedded video highlighting the Crown Princess's switch from military to civilian: Another video of the visit from the DRF Facebook page:*s
  10. Actually 2010 was the coat's first outing. There were two other outings in 2011 and 2012. 16 November 2011: part/11-16nov2011a_zps0a28ee88.jpg.html part/11-16nov2011b_zps72f7552a.jpg.html 14th March 2014:
  11. CPM visits Bangladesh

    Yes, I think so, too.
  12. CPM visits Bangladesh

    Not quite a State Visit, but...
  13. CPM visits Bangladesh
  14. I could be wrong, of course, but I think there was one in 2003 - for the state visit from Luxembourg.