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  1. Yes, you can get confirmed any time, even in a regular church service. Positive side, maybe teenager Christian will be more at ease with things being a bit more private. Though I'm sure Court will share footage and photos.
  2. Strange times... On the other hand I think Mary must be enjoying these past corona times as well (at least I hope so). Combined with the months in Switzerland this makes for a longer "slower" time without her usual very busy agenda, without the many trips abroad. More time for the family, more time for her horses, more time to be in nature.
  3. Any idea who the beautiful blond girl is who's with them? I guess a friend of Isabella's?
  4. I hope it's "just" a mild case for Christian, and no infection for the others!
  5. Does look like someone she was meeting up with to me. Just curious, how is this possible in DK: no face mask, restaurant/bar open for socializing, standing close to each other... Where I live we're still in lock down, I'm certainly not able to do whatever lucky Mary is doing in these photos. So what's the situation in DK right now?
  6. I wonder what she was doing there and who she's with. Any thoughts?
  7. Those are Mary's roses. (the ones named after her)
  8. 2006 apparently: https://maryfromthestart.blogspot.com/2014/11/behind-wheel.html Do I see Isabella next to her? Mary looks different in that first picture.
  9. Beautiful portraits, beautiful images of Margrethe! And those renaissance paintings... Glorious! I'd love to take a closer look.
  10. I loved the original dress so much, such a pity it got altered, but of course your body shape changes a great deal when you're pregnant versus not pregnant. As much as Birgit Hallstein's alterations are top couture work I never really liked the second version better than the first. I'm spoilt by what I saw
  11. Probably also the reason why the new year's courts of 2020 are held on 1, 2 and 3 January. It' exceptional to have them all "done" so quickly after each other.
  12. Treatment for acne is mostly waiting to get a few years older - unless it's really bad and you need medication. Being born royal doesn't mean you get spared from having hormones - thank god life's still that fair The girl next to princess Marie - is it Ingrid von Pfeil?
  13. That's some interesting deduction work, Josephine! Nice to know
  14. Christian is really growing up! A tall spotty teenager, turning into a man in the years to come... I was wondering about the gold pin Mary is wearing on her jacket, in the shape of a horse's head. Is it something to do with the Hubertus Hunt, or rather a personal accessory fit for the occasion?
  15. Aha! I hadn't made the Rigsforstander link yet. You must be right. I hope they'll take turns in staying with the children for a long period, in stead of flying back and forth all the time. That would be totally eco-irresponable. Switzerland is a wonderful country, especially if you have enough money ...
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