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  1. CIFF is back on the Danish section of the website now! So her patronage continues!
  2. Links to the announcement! Maternity Worldwide is now CP Mary's 24th patronage! http://www.kronprinsparret.dk (In Danish) http://www.kronprinsparret.dk/ (In English) Article from Copenhagen Post Princess supports fight against maternal mortality Article from BT Mor Mary hjaelper fattige moedre Google English Translation
  3. Thanks and credit to mls! CP Mary has now become patron of Maternity Worldwide Press Release - Maternity Worldwide Online English Translation
  4. It appears that CP Frederik has taken over another patronage from Prince Henrik from July 1st. http://vip.tv2.dk/article Can someone give a brief translation. Thanks!
  5. Another new patronage for CP Frederik is the Dansk Militært Idrætsforbund. The link has not been created yet on his official home page http://www.kronprinsparret.dk/ab000c Can anyone explain about this organization?
  6. I read on another board that CP Mary has a new patronage. Something to do with Thrombosis as a result of brain injuries? It was on Danish news? Anyone has an idea which patron this is?
  7. <_< Well...I guess we know which "message board" you've been to! Welcome to the other side! Congratulations on escaping from the dark side! HA HA <:>
  8. To add my 2 cents worth...even Princess Diana wore international designers and not only clothes by British designers! And Sarah when she was Duchess of York and carrying out official duties also wore designs by Yves St. Laurent, a French designer!!!!
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