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  1. . Disclaimer This message board is an unofficial discussion forum. It is not affiliated with the Danish Royal Court nor any member of the Danish Royal family. The message board is not a commercial venture. It makes no profit at all, and is managed on a volunteer basis. Individual members are responsible for the content they post. We have sought to build a discussion forum based around reliable information in the media. Media information is often skewed by vested interests, so we encourage our members to think critically about the veracity of what they find in the media and online, and learn to separate opinion from fact. We make use of information available on the world wide web and in the public domain for the purpose of our discussion, and give credit to original sources when they are known. It is not our intention to violate any regulations. If owners of original material are unhappy about it's use, we will be happy to delete it, if you let us know. .
  2. After recent discussions we have made a revised summary of the message board rules. We would appreciate it if you would bear these in mind. We know this won't be a problem. We all value the positive atmosphere here. Thanks, The Moderating Team Board Rules We aim for a positive atmosphere, with constructive dialogue based on facts. Discussion and debate are encouraged, but personal attacks are not acceptable. Insensitive and nasty comments, or remarks designed merely to provoke a reaction will be deleted. (This point is not intended to promote sycophancy, but to address the behaviour of potential troublemakers.)Please don't post pictures violating the privacy of the person or persons depicted.No spammers or scammers.Our members come from many different parts of the world, so represent differing values and ideologies, as well as different historical and cultural perspectives on issues such as religion, politics, hunting, and the use of fur, leather and meat. We acknowledge that people have strong opinions on these issues, but in the interests of board harmony we ask that they not be aired here - there are other more appropriate fora.Copyright laws around the world are not uniform and continue to adapt to the ever changing Internet and social media. For the purposes of this message board, we ask members to please comply with the copyright regulations in their own regions. Any infringements of copyright are solely the responsibility of the poster, not the management of this board.Owners of any material posted on our board who are unhappy about its use, may contact us and we will promptly remove it.The moderators reserve the right to edit out false or deliberately misleading information, and to move or delete posts within threads as they see fit.
  3. A "rare day"Friday 29 February 2008 at 5:00pm HRH The Crowen Princess, as patron, is present at Rare Diagnoses "rare day" at the Town Hall Square, Copenhagen 29 February 2008: Crown Princess Mary, as patron of Rare Diagnoses Denmark, participates in Sjældnedagen (Rare Diagnoses Day). The programme includes a conference, walkathon and presenting the Rare Diagnosis prize at the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen. A film will also be screened in the Town Hall Square, filmed at Amalienborg with the Crown Princess and two patients with rare disorders - raising public awareness.
  4. Designers' Nest and CPH Vision in Øksnehallen Sunday February 10, 2008, 3 pm HRH The Crown Princess hands over, as a sponsor, a prize at a visit to Designers' Nest and CPH Vision at Øksnehallen, Copenhagen
  5. Gallery in Forum Sunday february 10, 2008, 1 pm HRH The Crown Princess Visits Gallery at the fashion fair at Forum
  6. CIFF Thursday 7 february 2008, 12PM HRH The Crown Princess visits as a sponsor CIFF in Bella center
  7. Spotted by cph. Crown Prince Frederik will inaugurate the official Region Sealand blood transfusion center at Naestved hospital February 4, and he does come alone, he is accompanied by Prince Henrik.
  8. until
    Farr 40 Regatta Monday, 21 January 2008 - Friday, 25 January 2008 HRH The Crown Prince participates in the Farr 40 regatta in Key West, Florida, USA.
  9. Birthday Tuesday 5. february - HRH The Crown Princess Birhtday, which will be celebrated privately
  10. Spotted by Gaby Sancheloor Frederik to visit the Royal Mint and National Bank Monday 28 January, 2008, 10am
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