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  1. Summary of article in Billed Bladet #44, 2010. Velkommen kollega - Welcome colleague. Written by Annelise Weimann. Monday, QMII was invited to the Royal Theatre where she was made an honorary member of the Danish Association of Set Designers. Jesper Kongshaug gave a speech on behalf of the association, which consist of more than 100 members and added: "If you haven't got anything else to do, you can always become a set designer" and welcomed her as a colleague. A visibly delighted Queen Margrethe replied: "I'm deeply honoured and overwhelmed. That's the last thing I'd believed would happen to me". The set designer, Søren Dam, who had worked with QMII at the production of the Wild Swans also gave a speech, where he said: "It's nice to have a boss, who is clear in the dome (head) and who know her stuff inside out. And the lady has a pretty firm hand, thank you very much! But it all happens with a glimmer in the eye". After which he kissed QMII's hand. - His lips actually touching her hand, as seen in the picture in the article. - A sign of him being a barbarian. Gentlemen, Joachim for example being one, will never touch the lady's hand with his lips. Naturally with the exception of his wife, to show affection.
  2. The Regent Couple attended a service in Roskilde Cathedral today. http://www.billedbladet.dk/Kongelige/Artic...ongeporten.aspx The cathedral is undergoing a major renovation and today Kongeporten = the Royal Gate/portal to the cathedral was unveiled. Notide that QMII is again wearing her Tele Tubby outfit.
  3. Here is a BT gallery from Prince Henrik's hunt in central Jutland. Prins Henrik på kongejagt - og denne gang i fornuftige sko | www.bt.dk It sure looks like a meeting in the ol' boys club.
  4. Summary of article in Jyllands Posten. Dronningen besøgte sårede soldater - The Queen visited wounded soldiers. http://jp.dk/indland/article2222156.ece Queen Margrethe went to Rigshospitalet (presumably Friday forenoon) and visited the Danish soldiers undergoing treatment there. (*) She had requested that no press and no photographers were present nor had the soldiers been informed in advance. QMII talked with the soldiers (**) and saw how they went through physiotheraphy and also how the surgical appliance makers fitted artificial limbs for some of the soldiers. She also met doctor Finn Warburg, a consultant doctor and orthopaedist surgeon. He has actually retired but a special position for him has been created at Rigshospitalet and when a severely injured soldiers is flown home to Denmark he is on call as he is the perhaps most experienced surgeon in his field in DK. Later she drove to Frederiksberg in Copenhagen, where a new veterans home has been opened. Here she talked to some of those who will work as volunteers here. - In recognition of the fact that Denmark is having and will have even more ex-soldiers in the future, who are suffering from what can be compared to "Vietnam veterans syndroms" veterans homes have been opened in various places in DK. Here soldiers can go, and stay if need be, if they feel it's just too much, need someone to talk to, who really understand them or just to be with other veterans. There has fortunately been established a genuine psycological post-mission screening procedure and offers of psycological aide. Something those of us who served in Balkans and later those who served in Iraq did not have. When we were discharged from service, we were basically on our own, so that's a good thing. Today Saturday, another Danish soldier was killed in Afghanistan. From the Royal Life Guard Regiment. (*) All Danish soldiers wounded or injured while serving overseas are flown back to Denmark where they will undergo specialised treatment at Rigshospitalet. Some are so badly injured or have lost limbs that a long stay and artificial limbs are necessary. The speed and degree of recovery have astounded doctors. The soldiers are fit and in possession of a high degree of motivation. That combined with recieveing treatment with other soldiers, who offer support, has had a very positive impact on the recovery process. (**) Many of those wounded are from the Royal Life Guard Regiment as that regiment is a combat regiment.
  5. I've seen the programme about the Sea Stallion on Discovery and the voyage to Dublin from Roskilde Fjord. Things are a bit quiet in BB this week, so let me end with summaries of two articles from Billed Bladet #41, 2010. Til middag hos Dronningen - To dinner with the Queen. Written by Annelise Weimann. Both the Irish President, Mary McAleese, and the Mongolian President, Bolormaa Khajidsuren have been on official visits lately. As such they were the guest of the Danish government, rather than guests of the Danish Monarch as is the case with state visits. The Mongolian President has visited DK before and he had lunch with QMII and Prince Henrik. Alas, the President's wife had to return home as her father died. Bolormaa Khajidsuren has an interesting background as he is a university graduate, while his eight brothers are goat sheperds. - I guess the family could only afford one of them to attend university. As the diplomatic protocol dictates, a visiting head of state must also greet the head of state of the country he/she is visiting. Not doing so would be an insult. And while doing so the visiting head of state is treated to a lunch, an official, but still fairly low key dinner or at the very least a cup of coffee. The Irish President was treated to an Irish inspired first course, deer and Napoleon cookies (too sweet and fattening for me). ------------------------ I mudder til knæene - In mud to the knees. Written by Annelise Weimann. It's no secret that QMII is very interested in archaeology, - to put it mildly. (*) So it was a delighted Queen who opened an exhibition at the National Museum about her and her interest for archaeology. It was actually her nanny who opened her eyes for archaeology and Margrethe was twelve when she first took part in an excavation - and she was hooked! It was a wet and muddy afternoon and she loved it! Her grandfather (morfar), the Swedish King Gustav VI Adolf, took her out to a number of excavations and they were memorable times of her life. She later studied archaelogy in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Cambridge. She hasn't had opportunities to take part in excavations for years, but that didn't prevent her from basically throwing herself down on her belly, to have a closer look at some runes at a dig on the island of Bornholm. At the exhibition it will be QMII's voice you will hear talk about excavations, finds, experiences and so on. (*) She has stated more than once that if she hadn't become Queen, she would have become an archaelogist.
  6. Summary of article in Billed Bladet #40, 2010. Købte blomster til Dronningen - Bought flowers for the Queen. Written by Annelise Weimann. The Regent Couple went to the town of Køge, to commemorate the Battle of Køge Bay, in 1710, between DK and Sweden. (*) At Køge Bay the Danish flagship, Dannebroge (**) which blew up during the battle at the cost of 600 hundred lives. (***) The Regent Couple arrived at Køge townhall and here an unofficial flowergirl, in the shape of twelve year old Cecilie Altenburg was waiting. She had from her own money bought a bouquet of flowers for QMII. That so delighted Queen Margrethe, that she carried the bouquet from the townhall to Køge Church, where the was a service in memory of the battle 300 years ago. Cecilie told our reporter afterwards: "I bought them myself for my pocket allowance, because I like the Queen so much". She had also bought a bouquet for Mary in March, but the article does not mention whether she got the opportunity to give it to Mary. Before all that wreaths had been laid at the harbour in honor of the fallen sailors. Representatives of the Danish, the Norwegian (****) and the Swedish navies were also present. Prince Henrik was wearing the full dress uniform of an admiral in the navy. While walking through Køge town, a mature gentleman gave Henrik a friendly pad on the shoulder. Henrik returned the compliment by tapping the gentleman's cap. (*) That took place during the Great Nordic War, which ended Swedens status as a major European power. The roughly 80 years of nearly continous warfare Sweden had been involved in since then, had decimated the male population and while the nobillity grew rich from the spoils of the wars of the period, the same thing certainly cannot be said about the rest of the population. The Swedish armies of the period relied primarily on Swedish nationals, rather than professional mercenaries. That meant that the Swedish armies, at least initially, were much more reliable, felt a stronger allegiance towards their own king and where cheaper, than comperable European armies. The price was thousands upon thousands of able bodied Swedish men being sucked into the army. Most never returned home. Not to metion the ever increasing taxes to fund such an army. Sweden was simply not rich enough to afford that in the long run. The fame of the Swedish "warrior kings" came at a hefty price. (**) Old spelling. The modern spelling is Dannebrog. (***) To put that into perspective. 600 was the adult population of a average small town in DK in 1710. A serious loss. (****) Norway was back then in union (rigsfællesskab) with Denmark. In reality Norway was a part of Denmark and had been so for several hundred years. But many Norwegians naturally served in the navy and also among those killed onboard Dannebroge.
  7. And now something for those interested in jewelry. In Billed Bladet #38, at note informs us that the brooch QMII was wearing during her visit to Slagelse was presented to her as a birthday present from the Guards Hussars regiment when she turned 70. It's made by goldsmith Michael Hansen. It's in the shape of a circle, symobolising the Viking stonghold of Trelleborg and in the middle is a figure depicting H.C. Andersen. The brooch is made of white-gold, red-gold and 18 carats of light gold.
  8. Summary of article in Billed Bladet #38, 2010. Mælkedronningen - The milk-Queen. Written by Annelise Weimann. The summer cruises with Dannebrog has ended for this year (*) and last stop was the town of Slagelse, located on Zealand. This is where parts of the Guards Hussars Regiment, including the horse squadron, is now located. It was pretty much a standard programme, with Dannebrog arriving at 10.00 sharp, regardsless of what your clock tells you. The Queen is always right on time! Meeting the local dignitaries on the quay, reception at the townhall, carrigde ride through the town escorted by the guards hussars. This time it was QMII who dealt with the industry-part of the visit. She visited Arla, a large dairy plant. And here she was presented with the myriads of milk products produced. A neat little details is that all wore coats and hairnets, however QMII was wearing a hat, so she didn't require a hairnet... She must have been thirsty, because while she was being told about the milk products that are a part of the milk-arrangement in schools (**), she pointed at one of the 0.25 litre cartons and said: "I'd like to taste that one". It happened to be kærnemælk = buttermilk and as this apparantly was outside the programme, there was no glass at hand, but QMII just drank straight from the carton, as any schoolchild. (***) She said: "Yum, that tastes good. It sure is a long time since I last drank buttermilk. - I had schoolmilk myself as well". (****) There is always something in connection with art on such a visit. In this case QMII visited gallery St. Galla and she hardly needed any encoragment when she was to decorate a sheet of glass that was later to be shaped into a bowl. The glass artist in charge of that was Branka Lugonja, a refugee from Ex-jugolslavia, who came to DK seventeen years ago. She said: "I've never had pupils before and - imagine, the first I'm going to help is the Queen. I'm very proud". Right outside Slagelse is the Viking castle, or rather stronghold Trelleborg from the 980's (*****) and to here QMII was wheeled in a golf-car, driven by mayor Lis Tribler. The mayor wasn't good at driving, because the car almost overturned and QMII had to hang on tightly in order not to fall out. On the way back a PET officer prudently held on to the golf-car. Outside Trelleborg castle the Regent Couple wittnessed a bloody Viking battle and were afterwards presented with six bottles of beer. Three of them authentically brewed Viking beers. (Mjød I presume). To which Prince Henrik exclaimed: "Lovely, we'll drink them tonight". (*) The yacht will then sail to the naval base at Frederikshavn, where most of the crew, (the conscripts) will disembark. Over the winter the ship will go through repairs and get some new paint here and there. Next year a new crew of conscripts will get to know her before the summer cruise of 2011. (**) Also knows as Schoolmilk. That has been around since the pharaos here in DK! We got a carton with 0.25 L of milk each in my time in school as well. The differnce between now and then is that we had four products to choose from, schoolchildren nowadays have many more and the cartons that are supplied by Arla, use bottlelids. (***) Other journalists noticed a peculiar look on QMII's face after the first gulp and concluded she wasn't used to drinking buttermilk. (****) She was homeschooled. But 0.25 L of milk a day also applied to pupils being homeschooled. (*****) This is one of a number of circle castles from that period dotted all over what was then the Danish realm. They are of dirrent sizes and each had what must have been a permanent garrison. Interesting for an age where the Danish kings had personal "housecarls" and the most senior nobles also had a handful of professional soldiers. And that was the standing military forces. However, up until the Reformation in the 1530's the concept of "mand af hus" applied. The term is still used today. Back then it meant general mobilization. I.e every free man was obliged to muster in defence of the country with his personal arms and armour. The concept was however abandoned after the Reformation. Partly because it was outdated and partly because of a vicious civil war in the 1530's. The latest and probably most serious of armed uprising since the Viking Age. Up until then free men would pick up their arms at the drop of a hat and there were constant (the majority practically bloodless) uprisings all over the country for the first 700 years of Danish history, which the king then had to deal with. Usually using diplomacy and rarely force, as the free men was the powerbase of the kings against the influence of nobillity.
  9. Thank you, Sternchen The much loved Donald Duck magazine which has been around since 1948 I believe are facing lower reader ratings and in desperation, the latest issue contains a story that takes place in Copenhagen, with clear refernces to living Danes, including QMII and PET officers, this time really living up to their name. The various Donald Duck stories are adapted to various countries, I understand the Uncle Scrooge is pretty popular in Russia, in other countries it may be Mickey Mouse, in DK it's Donald Duck who is the most popular. For a period at least DK was the HQ for the weekly Disney cartoons in Europe. Various writers in various countries came up with stories that would fit into their country, these stories and drafts would be approved in Copenhagen, before being send back to the cartoonist and publishers. I grew up with Donald Duck until around 1982 or so. Mrs. Muhler still have several hundred issues from her childhood, so our children are naturally also familiar with the Disney universe. We haven't bought many of the later magazines however. Our children prefer the older stories and so do we adult. Donald Duck anno 1970's and 80's was more lively and honestly much more likable as well. His nephews were capable of mischief, now they are virtual boyscouts. Uncle Scrooge, who despite all had a a heart of gold, is now an unpleasant character. The really good stories are rare. One which we still treasure is where Donald Duck saved the Christmas Ship from going under during a severe storm. He fought a true "capitalist pig" with the help of his nephews in a lighthouse. In the end climbing up to the very top of the darkned lighthouse with a string of kerosine lamps. We miss such stories.
  10. Thank you, Muse Yes, in connection with the Regen Couple visiting Randers, they also visited Randers Rainforest, which is always worth a visit. Located pretty close to where we live, we've been there often. Here Prince Henrik was presented with a new gadget, which you put on your head and based on the soundwawed the helmet send out you have to try and piece together a mental picture of your surroundings. - Just like bats. In fact I doubt Henrik even knew where his hands were heading, while he played batman. Being a somewhat eccentric dresser he them placed a cobra on his head to use as a hat but the no doubt baffled serpent was a bit "too lively" for such a use.
  11. BT has an article about Henrik's dachshund Evita: http://www.bt.dk/royale/prins-henriks-hund...dt-til-psykolog It got a lot of attention the last time she bit a guardsman. Not least in view of the attention regarding other dogs biting people in the public. Anyway, the court has now confirmed that the dog is seeing experts in order to establish why she bites people and to teach her not to. - About time, if you ask me! Evita has bitten way too many people and I fear she has learned that biting people is acceptable, so it may be too late. But al least something is done. It is so annoying when dog owners, in this case Henrik, do not live up to their responsibility. If the owner cannot or will not control their dog, well too bad, you should loose your dog, one way or another. Get a budgie instead.
  12. It was! Have you seen Pink Floyd's The Wall? There was a figure consisting of only legs and a huge behind. Such figures were dancing around me all through the night.
  13. THANK YOU - for planting that close-up in my head, just before bedtime. Wonder what my dreams will be like...
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