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  1. Thanks for the videos, Mitchell! I love the video of the two of them sitting down talking on the waterfront where the Queen is wearing a red beanie. They both look so happy!
  2. On Sunday 24th November, Queen Margarethe was at the King Haakon Church in Copenhagen with King Harald of Norway. Norwegian Royals Report - King Harald to Copenhagen sj√łmannskirken.no - Royal Celebration in Copenhagen (With photos of QM and King Harald at the church)
  3. A summary translation of the article: Frederik is to take over his father's "wine castle" in Cahors in France. The Queen and Prince Consort thought that it would be a nice gift for Frederik to come and relax. Henrik has apparently spoken to his sons about taking over and he hopes that one of them will continue with his wine business. If it's too complicated, Henrik says that they can do what they want and find a solution, or they can just keep it for summer stays.
  4. Yes, it's definitely the right place to post them. Thanks for sharing the photos with us!
  5. It's really beautiful inside - I am going to go so far as to say that I think it's my favourite church in Copenhagen. I love Vor Frue Kirke and Christiansborg Chapel, but there's something about Holmens Kirke that is quite beautiful. Yes, Frederik was christened at Holmens Kirke.
  6. Some photos I took yesterday of Holmens Kirke where the Queen and Prince Henrik were married: Entrance to Holmens Kirke Looking down the aisle to the altar Looking back down the aisle to the door
  7. Best wishes to QMII for a speedy recovery after her operation.
  8. I absolutely agree. I love the way that her hands are positioned and how they are a real feature of the portrait.
  9. I love this portrait of Margrethe. This portrait has really captured her presence, her refinement and features. Vik
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