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CP Mary's Patronages - Part 2

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On 6/17/2020 at 1:45 PM, mls said:

 Mary is patron of WorldPride 2021, which takes place in Copenhagen and Malmö. 



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As patron of Maternity Foundation, Crown Princess Mary has written the preface to a book, which will be published this month.




The Maternity Foundation publishes an anniversary book to fight for women's health.


Maternity Foundation turns 15 years old, and we mark this with the book IT MUST NOT COST LIFE TO GIVE LIFE, which will be published by @Gyldendal on 10 December.

The book takes the reader on the Maternity Foundation's development from a small Danish organization to an international digital frontrunner in the fight for women's health.



In the preface, Crown Princess Mary writes that all women, no matter where they live, have the right to a safe pregnancy and birth.


"As a mother, I know for myself how important and reassuring it is to have a midwife and other health professionals, their knowledge and support by their side during both pregnancy and childbirth. But I am also painfully aware that this is far from the reality for women in large parts of the world, the Crown Princess says, and emphasizes how bad things are with sad facts that 800 women and 14,000 infants lose their lives every day in connection with pregnancy and childbirth. A high mortality rate, which, according to the Crown Princess, could be reduced with appropriate programs.


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