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New Year's Court - Grand Court

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7. januar 2015

Regentparret modtager på Christiansborg Slot følgende i Nytårskur:

Kl. 09.30

Officerer fra Forsvaret samt Beredskabsstyrelsen.

Kl. 10.00

I., II. og III. Rangklasse.

Kl. 12.00

Indbudte repræsentanter for større landsorganisationer og kongelige protektioner.

Kronprinsparret er til stede.

7 January 2015

The Regent Couple will receive the following at Christiansborg Palace at New Year's court:

09:30 am

Officers from the Defence and Emergency Management Agency.

10:00 am

I., II. and III. Rank Class.

12:00 noon

Invited representatives of major national organizations and royal patronages.

The Crown Prince Couple are present.



7 January 2015

The Regent Couple are escorted by the Guard Hussar regiment's Horse Squadron, as they travel by golden carriage from Amalienborg to Christiansborg Palace at. 09:00 am

and also for the return journey at 1:30 pm.

Carriage route:

http://kongehuset.dk...-4. januar 2013

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"CPss Mary is wearing a tulle skirt and a short, black jacket with peplum." (She wore something similar, a rose/pink skirt with dark jacket a few years ago.)

So she did.

The wardrobe choices for this event from past years:

th_2010-01-06.jpg th_1-4feb2012a.jpg th_1-4jan2013.jpg th_1-7jan2014_zpsa8b446e9.jpg

I had forgotten that Crown Princess Mary only started attending this court event in 2010, and was absent in 2011 with maternity leave.

Thanks again Chances.

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