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CPF at DR Sport 2014 gala

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10. januar 2015

H.K.H. Kronprinsen deltager i DR's Sport 2014 event og overrækker Købstædernes Forsikrings pris "Danmarks Olympiske Håb". Jyske Bank Boxen, Herning, kl. 17.00.

10 January 2015, 5:00 pm

HRH The Crown Prince participates in the DR Sports 2014 event and presents Købstædernes Insurance prize "Denmark's Olympic Hope". Jyske Bank Boxen, Herning.

Frederik has managed to get to Herning in spite of the storm in Denmark/Jylland. He seems to have crossed

the 'Storebælt Bridge' between Zeeland and Jylland just before it was closed.




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HRH The Crown Prince participates on Saturday the 10th of January in DR's show "Sport 2014" and presents the award for "Denmark's Olympic Hope"

"Sport 2014" celebrates Danish athletes, and awards prizes to the athletes who have excelled in sports over the past year. The Crown Prince will during the show hand out Købstædernes Insurance grant "Denmark's Olympic hopes" for a young Danish sports talent.

"Denmark's Olympic Hope" is part of the Olympic partnership Købstædernes Insurance has signed with DIF and Team Denmark. The nominees to receive the grant this year are rifle shooter Stine Nielsen, kayaker Emma Jørgensen and women's double scull rowing team Lisbeth Falch Jacobsen and Mette Dyrlund. The winner will be announced during the show, then Crown Prince presents the grant. With the grant comes 125,000 kr.

The Crown Prince arrives at 17:00 at the show that takes place in Jyske Bank's 'Boxen' in Herning.



The award for Denmark's Olympic Hope went to kayaker Emma Jørgensen.

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Well, you can read about it on the TRF, but Frederik has today ended up in a media storm for crossing the Storbelt Bridge twice Saturday, even though the bridge closed because of a major storm. It's quite stupid of him(or PET?) and IMO the media shake is deserved. But astounding thing is reading peoples reaction. Of course some people are angry, but many also just choose to make fun of the situation:-)

A few examples









Even Carlsberg chose to use the opportunity


It's been a while since we had a good nice "scandal" here in DK. That's of course not good, but on the other hand it can also shake things up a bit, both for the royals and society. Ant to be honest, IMO Frederik needs a little shake:-)

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Good to see it's being handled with humour.

I think it was bt with the first online report that some motorists were irked because they had to wait until 4 am to be allowed across the bridge while the Crown Prince, his driver and security team had driven across after 2:30.


The tabloids seem to have promoted this as a major scandal. The ordinary Danes, as always, provide a more realistic perspective and good humour.




The Crown Prince, through communications officer Lene Balleby, has apologised for the incident.

"The Crown Prince is sorry it happened and understands that the situation adds to the frustration and anger among the people who had waited for hours to cross the bridge", says Lene Balleby.





BTW. I notice that the BBC reporter fanning the flames of this little incident is Malcolm Brabant, the husband of the notorious Trine Villeman. I wonder what the British readers think. It hardly signifies when compared to the scandal the British royal house is currently facing.

ADDED: The bridge was NOT closed due to damage, as reported in the Daily Mail.

AND information has now come to light:

that South Zealand and Lolland-Falster Police gave Crown Prince Frederik permission to cross the otherwise closed Great Belt Bridge over the weekend.


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