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Portrait video and Denmark's Collection

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Thanks mitchell. This video "Mary: Crown Princess with a Cause" is about Mary's international work in the fight for women's and girls' rights.

It is related to the big Denmark Collection on Saturday night. Many thanks for posting it.

It was screened on DR on Thursday 29th January and will be shown again on Saturday before 1 pm, if I understand correctly.

F&M to visit Denmark's Collection 2015 live show on DR1 - 31st January.

A portrait of Crown Princess and her work for girls and women's rights is also shown as a prelude to the great live show. The program can be viewed on DR1 Thursday, 29th January. The Crown Princely Couple also shows their support for Denmark's Collection

by visiting the terminals during the show 31/1.

Article and new photo of Mary in her office


Thanks very much for this mls






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31. januar 2015

Kronprinsparret overværer Danmarks Indsamling 2015 live-show i Terminal 2 i Nordhavn kl. 20.50.

31 January 2015

The Crown Prince Couple attends Denmark Collection 2015 live show at Terminal 2 in Nordhavn pm. 20.50.


Denamrk's Collection is the annual national fundraiser, including a live 'telethon'-style TV show hosted by DR, which raises money for 12 humanitarian organisations working with the world's most vulnerable people.


This year the organisations which will benefit from the collection are:

ADRA Denmark

Working in Burundi in southeast Africa with children who have been exposed to violence


BØRNEfonden (Children's Foundation)

Works in 3 regions of Togo, west Africa, with children without birth certificates, who therefor have no rights


CARE Denmark

works in Ghana fighting against violations to the rights of local inhabitants due to mining.


Danish Refugee Council

works with south Sudanese refugees in Kenya for a future outside the refugee camps for the youth.



working in Kyrgyzstan towards dignity for the elderly



working in Nicaragua to train youth towards better job prospects


Médecins sans Frontières

specifically in the fight against tuberculosis in India


MS ActionAid Denmark

works in Zimbabwe against the effects of diamond mining, which poisons water and food supplies for local people.


Save the Children

has projects in South Sudan fighting against lack of education for too many children


Red Cross

Red Cross working in Madagascar fights against abuse and exploitation of vulnerable children and youths.


SOS Børnebyerne

SOS Children's Villages in Cambodia fights against child exploitation.



UNICEF Denmark works in Haiti in the fight against trafficking of children.


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Thanks [:}

BB article


The Crown Princely Couple arrived discretely in the audience without putting the focus on themselves.

F&M arrived in time to see the politicians perform as 'Christiansborg All Stars'


They also visited the call centre, as mls' pictures show.

Over 100 million DKK has been raised in Denmark's Collection 2015


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Saturday, 31st of January, Denmark's Collection 2015 completed a television show on DR1. The Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik Foundation and the Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary's Foundation supported with a total of 750,000 kr.

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik Foundation supported this year's collection with 500,000 kr. And Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary's Foundation with 250,000 kr. The two funds also supported last year's collection. The Crown Princely Couple attended parts of the evening's TV show and had the opportunity to greet the 12 organizations involved in the collection.

Denmark Collection 2015 is a joint fundraiser to help developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Once a year the Danish Broadcasting Corporation and 12 humanitarian organizations cooperate to raise money to help people in the countries appearing on the OECD's list of the world's poorest. The collecting organizations formulate 12 projects within a specific theme. At the same time, the overall objective is to achieve the UN's 2015 goals, including halving poverty, ensuring universal primary education and reducing child mortality by two thirds.

Denmark's Collection was first held in 2007 and since then more than 600 million kroner has been collected into projects in developing countries.

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