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CPM visits Dialogue Against Violence

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Mary Fonden:

CP Mary and Helle Østergaard, Director for Mary Fonden visited today, Thursday the 29th,

unofficially 'Dialog mod vold' (Dialogue against violence)


The Crown Princess and Helle Østergaard visited today Dialogue against Violence and participated in a group session for men who have sought help to stop violent behavior. The visit gave a thoughtful insight into how men can work to handle anger and impotence and thus stop the violence.

The visit is in connection with a new partnership with 'Dialog mod vold' and South African 'Brothers for Life'


Thanks mls. I think this visit deserves a focus topic.

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From the Dialogue Against Violence website


machine translation


HRH Crown Princess Mary visited Jan. 29 Dialogue against Violence.

Crown Princess met with four men who have gone to treatment with us and their treat for a conversation about how the violence stopped. The conversation was about the differences and similarities in the four men's stories and treatment. The tools treatment has given them and how they use them in everyday life. Shame and guilt feelings. It being a parent. The kids how they have been affected and what they got out of going to Dialogue against Vold's children treatment. And the relationship between the three of the four men have maintained and are struggling to build up again, now that the violence has stopped. A process as they stress takes a long time - years. It begins actually only really when treatment is completed. Therefore, the three of the four men also chosen to continue after treatment is completed to meet once a month in a volunteer group sessions where they support each other to stick and move on.

Last but not least acted conversation about why violence in intimate relationships are taboo in Denmark and about how important it is that we dare talk about it. It is important that we dare call from the neighbor when we hear violent noises and ask if everything is OK and if anyone needs help. And it is important that all front staff, for example, municipalities have the tools to spot violence and respond.

Violence dynamics is complicated and it is therefore essential that we work holistically and that all agencies to cooperate coherent action where prevention, including through education and tools for all front staff goes hand in hand with treating practitioners and help vulnerable. Without such a holistic approach becomes symptomatic treatment and the problems continue. We know that 78% of those we have treated have experienced violence in their childhood. It is a vicious cycle that calls for increased cooperation between all those working with children and families.

HRH Crown Princess Mary holistic focus on violence is highly important for everyone, not least for the families and children who have violence within the life.

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comment on the donation from the Danish director of Dialogue Against Violence:


Mary Foundation supports cooperation between Brothers for Life (B4L) in South Africa and Dialogue Against Violence in Denmark on preventing violence in intimate relationships.

Susanne Nour Magnusson, director of Dialogue against Violence says:

"We are extremely happy and proud and look forward to working with the Brothers for Life in South Africa. With this donation the Mary Foundation supports a holistic approach focusing on prevention of violence in intimate relationships. The Crown Princess's work in the area of violence raises awareness - and this is positive for everyone, especially the families and especially children who have violence in the life. In Dialogue against Violence, we look very much forward to working with Brothers for Life in South Africa. I am convinced that we have much to offer each other. We can learn from the South African experience with involving former practitioners as role models, and hopefully Brothers for Life use our extensive experience with tailored treatment for clients and their families to develop their treatment programs. "

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