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CPF at inauguration of 'Skjoldungernes Land' National Park

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21. marts 2015

H.K.H. Kronprinsen forestår indvielsen af Nationalpark Skjoldungernes Land ved Ledreborg Slot.

21 March 2015

HRH The Crown Prince leads the inauguration of 'Skjoldungernes Land National Park' near Ledreborg Palace.

(google trans)


9:30: HRH Crown Prince and Minister of the Environment Kirsten Brosbøl sail from Veddelev marina with Frederikssund mayor and chairman of the National Park and Nature Agency. The press can participate in the sailing on the backup boat.

09:50: Arrival at Roskilde Harbour v. Viking Ship Museum. Receiving by Roskilde's mayor.

10:10: HRH Crown Prince and Minister of the Environment cycles with stakeholders to Boserup Forest to experience nature, landscape and culture. Prepare including a stop at Ringøen. Then continue by car to Ledreborg.

10.11: Arrival at Ledreborg

11:30: Official opening at Ledreborg Castle. Welcome by John Munro, speaches from the Environment Minister, Mayor Mette Touborg and chairman of the national park, and detection of logo v. by HRH the Crown Prince.

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BB online piece


Crown Prince Frederik inaugurated new national park on cycle

After arriving across the fjord by sea, Crown Prince Frederik had a brisk walk, then jumped on a bike to tour part of the national park with Environment Minister Kirsten Brosbøl and the mayors of Lejre, Roskilde and Frederikssund municipalities. The new park stretches over a scenic area of ​​approximately 170 square kilometers.

The Crown Prince opened the park with the words "I wish all the best for the park and its content - its four-legged, two-legged and winged members". :SmilieHappy:

Photos at kongehuset


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