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Greenland promotion in Japan - Schedule and general news

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26.-28. marts 2015

Hans Kongelige Højhed Kronprinsen og Hendes Kongelige Højhed Kronprinsessen aflægger den 26.-28. marts 2015

besøg i Japans hovedstad Tokyo for at stå i spidsen for et Grønlandsfremstød.

The Crown Prince Couple participate in Greenland promotional campaign in Japan

26 - 28 March 2015

His Royal Highness The Crown Prince and Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess pay a visit in Japan’s capital,

Tokyo, from 26-28 March 2015 to lead a Greenland promotional campaign.

This is the visit that was scheduled for November, but was cancelled due to general elections in Greenland.


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The Crown Prince Couple participate in Greenland promotional campaign in Japan

A Lunch between the Oldest Monarchies in the World

"On March 28th, Their Royal Highnesses the Crown Prince Couple of Denmark will meet for lunch with Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress of Japan at the Imperial Palace"


"The Danish Crown Prince Couple will furthermore open an exhibition in Tokyo about Greenlandic culture,

where the Imperial family is expected to be represented."

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Programme for Greenland promotional campaign in Japan
Thursday, 26 March

Seminar on fish and shellfish

The Crown Prince Couple take part in a seminar on fish and shellfish, in which Greenlandic companies present their products to interests and the press. In addition, videos and pictures presenting Greenland’s nature and resources as well as the production of fish and shellfish will be shown at the seminar. The Crown Prince will speak at the seminar.

Anti-bullying event in Kyu Asakurake Jutaku

The Crown Prince Couple walk from Hillside Plaza, where the seminar is held, to the Japanese garden Kyu Asakurake Jutaku, where Japanese experts will present challenges connected with bullying. The Crown Prince Couple speak with Japanese NGOs and school children about bullying.

Arctic seminar

The Crown Prince gives the opening speech at a seminar on the Arctic, where the Greenlandic visions for the Arctic region will be presented together with opportunities and challenges in the Arctic region from a strategic and political perspective. Possible cooperative efforts between the two countries will be discussed. Among the participants at the seminar will be researchers, politicians and representatives from the business sector.

Greenlandic music event

The Crown Prince Couple take part in a music event, in which the two prominent Greenlandic bands Nanook and Nive Nielsen & the Deer Children perform for the Japanese music industry.

Business dinner

The Crown Prince Couple take part in a dinner with participants from the delegation and directors of the Japanese companies that import fish and shellfish.

Friday, 27 March

Arrangement about tourism in Greenland

The Crown Prince speaks at an arrangement about tourism in Greenland for representatives from the Japanese travel industry. The arrangement takes place at the Palace Hotel.

Sailing tour in Tokyo Bay

On the sailing tour in Tokyo Bay, the Crown Prince Couple are given a presentation about the preparations for The Olympic Games in 2020 and the places where the athletic events will take place. The Crown Prince Couple will be accompanied on the sailing tour by, among others, Tokyo’s governor, Yoichi Masuzoe, and the president of the organizing committee for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Yoshiro Mori.

Business luncheon

The Crown Prince Couple participate in a business luncheon with representatives from Maersk and the company’s partners in Japan as well as Japanese interests.

Opening of exhibition about Greenland

The Crown Prince Couple meet Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado and Her Imperial Highness Princess Tsuguko of Takamado, after which there will be the official opening of the exhibition about Greenland, "Spiritual Greenland", in Hillside Forum. The Crown Prince will speak in connection with the opening. Included in the exhibition are masks and tupilaks from Princess Takamado’s and HRH The Prince Consort’s private collections as well as an ethnographic section, which includes "Qanga - tegnet fortid" with watercolour paintings by Nuka K. Godtfredsen from the National Museum.

Business dinner

The Crown Prince Couple take part in a business dinner at the ambassador’s residence in which representatives from the travel industry participate.

Saturday, 28 March

Mode Gakuen College of Fashion & Design

The Crown Prince Couple pay a visit at the fashion and design school Mode Gakuen, which has cooperated with Great Greenland and Kopenhagen Fur to introduce sealskin to new Japanese designers. During the visit, the Crown Prince Couple have an opportunity to greet some of the students who work with sealskin.

Visit at the department store Tokyu Honten

The Crown Prince Couple visit the department store Tokyu Honten in the Shibuya district, where there will be a focus on presentation of Greenland and sealskin to the Japanese fashion industry. The Crown Prince Couple attend a Great Greenland fashion show, in which a collection designed by the Danish designer Jesper Høvring will be displayed.

Visit at the pedestrian crossing “Shibuya Crossing”

Visit at the Shibuya Crossing at Shibuya station. The station is the world’s second largest measured in passengers. Thousands of people pass over Shibuya Crossing daily, and the surrounding area is the home of Japanese youth and popular culture.

Luncheon with TIM The Emperor and The Empress of Japan

The Crown Prince Couple participate in a luncheon with Their Imperial Majesties The Emperor and The Empress of Japan at the Imperial Palace.

Visit at igloo building site

The Crown Prince Couple pay a visit at the building site where a five metre high igloo will be erected in connection with the “Spiritual Greenland” exhibition. The igloo will be built by architect and professor Suzuki Toshihiko from Kogakuin University, who during the visit will tell about the principles behind the construction of an igloo. Afterwards, the Crown Prince Couple will greet some of the architecture students who are a part of the project.

Publication of graphic novel about Greenland

The Crown Prince Couple participate in the publication of Nuka K. Godtfredsen’s graphic novels about Greenland’s history, in which the first volume of four novels is translated into Japanese.

Great Greenland reception

The Crown Prince Couple take part in a reception with representatives from the Japanese fur industry.

Dinner with Their Imperial Highnesses The Crown Prince and The Crown Princess of Japan

The Crown Prince Couple participate in a dinner with His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Naruhito and Her Imperial Highness Crown Princess Masako.

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Here's an article from the Danish Pioneer

"... The objective of the visit is to increase the knowledge of Greenland, Greenlandic culture and Greenlandic products in Japan and to strengthen the Japanese people’s knowledge about the opportunities in Greenland and the Arctic region. Climate change and the growing international interest in the Arctic region have also generated increased interest within Japan about the Arctic and Greenland, and, last year, Japan became an observer in the Arctic Council..."

The Premier of the Government of Greenland, Kim Kielsen, Minister for Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture Karl-Kristian Kruse, Danish Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Dan Jørgensen, and a business delegation of Greenlandic companies will all be in Japan with the Danish Crown Prince Couple.

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