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CPM inaugurates Bridge Walk on old Little Belt Bridge

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10. maj 2015

H.K.H. Kronprinsessen forestår indvielse af Bridgewalking på den gamle Lillebæltsbro, kl. 11.00.

10 May 2015, 11:00 am

HRH The Crown Princess leads the inauguration of Bridge Walking on the old Little Belt Bridge.


wiki - The Old Little Belt Bridge, is a truss bridge over the Little Belt strait in Denmark. The first bridge to have been constructed over the strait, it spans from Snoghøj on the Jylland peninsula to Kongebrogaarden on the island of Fyn.


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Thanks for the photos, looks like Mary had a very enjoyable day. Not sure that I would enjoy so much, looks very wind.

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Thanks from me too, mls.

BT gallery ( I think the images are the same as your b.dk link, but good on them for finally providing event coverage again.)




BB video


BB article


"Crown Princess Mary blown through the Little Belt Bridge"

In glorious sunshine and strong winds today, and at 60 meters high above the water Crown Princess Mary inaugurated Denmark's new big tourist experience - Bridge Walking on the old Little Belt Bridge.
Several thousand spectators from Middelfart and Fredericia spent Sunday watching the inauguration of the Bridge Walking center in Middelfart, and following Crown Princess Mary as she walked on top of the Little Belt Bridge and down the Fredericia side.

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Fyens Stiftstidende article


"See video: Here go the first over the Little Belt Bridge"

Fyens Stifts article


"Mary: I'll take my children with me next time"

One more


"Crown Princess in tailored coverall"

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