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F&M receive Gråsten Ring Riders Parade

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19. juli

Kronprinsparret modtager Gråsten Ringriderforenings optog, Gråsten Slot, kl. 11.30

19 July 2015, 11:30 am

The Crown Prince Couple receives Gråsten Ring Riders Association parade at Gråsten Palace.

(The kids are expected to join them)



"The Crown Prince Couple will receive a procession with about 300 riders as they pass Gråsten Castle.

Gråsten Ringridning takes place every year on the third weekend in July and is a celebration that lasts for

several days with events throughout the town. After the procession rides through the town, the riders arrive to the

town's ring riding space, where they compete in the traditional ring jousting competition."

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Fabulous photos of my favorite family. Looking forward to the Annual Grasten photo call later this week!

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Josephine is so animated. Her exaggerated expression is hilarious as she sees the parade of 300 horses and riders coming towards the palace gates.

Spanish Hola


"Josephine of Denmark, precious and unleashed, 'Queen' as the royals greet parade of riders in Gråsten"

British Hello magazine


"Princess Josephine of Denmark shows off cast after riding accident"

Svensk Damtidning


"Josephine out among the horses again - after riding accident"

Thanks to all who are gathering news and photography links. :rose:

kvi - welcome!

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