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CPM at Mary Foundation event 'Loving Action' at Guldberg School

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This a new education initiative which is part of the Mary Foundation's work against relationship violence.

Loving action is a course for the nation's students at secondary school age. The ambition is to develop young people's abilities to cope with difficult emotions so they can better maintain secure healthy relationships with each other, and then at a later stage in life are equipped to help avoid dating violence or other forms of violent relationships.
Confident relationships and respect for themselves and others
Difficult feelings are a natural and inevitable part of being human - and not least of being young. They can, for example, arise from jealousy, bullying, parental divorce, the experience of being betrayed or abused. In Loving Action we are therefore not concerned with avoiding difficult emotions, but with strengthening young people's ability to handle them in a positive way when they encounter them. If already already in their youth have practice in responding to the difficult feelings with respect for their own and other peoples' boundaries, then it becomes a little easier to maintain and create good close relationships.
The aim of Loving Action is to develop students' ability to:
Create positive and safe relationships
Deal with difficult emotions individually and with each other
Prevent dating violence and destructive conflicts
Develop communication skills so that they learn to communicate appropriately and constructively
Understand what can lead to violence in intimate relationships
Explore non-violent practices
Seek help if violence still occurs
Loving Action consists of a talk show panel where TV host Mikkel Kryger has a lot of different people in the studio - young experts and well-known personalities. Together they get put into words the difficult feelings - to develop ways to handle them.
The course
Loving measure focuses on some serious topics and difficult emotions, but the actual teaching process is designed to be relevant, interesting and appealing to young people.
The Talk shows are played in class via a website where you will also find a teaching guide and student assignments, which is free to download. We have tried to create a course that both captivates students, has good quality professional substance, which is also easy for the individual teacher to apply.
About the course
The course includes 16 lessons divided into seven training days. The seven days of instruction last over a four week period.
Each school day has its own talk show section with built-in exercises, which must be worked through in class.
The tasks are mainly communication and reflection exercises in which students must put new communication strategies into practice.
The website has for every talk show section, a teacher guide and all the exercises for the students, which are free to download.
In every talk show section the host interviews a number of guests and thereby brings various relevant topics, issues and situations onto the agenda. The host and guests also introduce the exercises and discussions, the students then have to work with in class.
Each day ends with presentations for homework, where the students' personal reflections on the day's training comes into play.
The teacher's task is to orient themselves using the teacher guide before each school day and to print each day's tasks for their students. From there it's just a matter of playing the talk show sections, make ongoning use of the teacher guide to facilitate the exercises in class.
Loving action is piloted in selected schools in the spring of 2015. In the fall of 2015, the teaching concept will be tested in the eighth grade at another 60 schools, and in 2016 the material will be available to all schools.

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Dr.dk has focused on the subject

Interview with Mary from dr.dk


Articles from dr.dk

Mary Foundation will prevent violence among young partners



Psychologist: Young people must learn to talk about feelings



Video interview with the Psychologist


Video from Aftenshowet on DR-TV with an Interview with a victim of violence


Short video from DR-TV 21.30 TV-avisen


While DR-TV focused very much on the subject and let Mary have a supporting role, which I personally prefer, TV2 also had a feature on their 19 News(not on-line yet) that mentioned the subject, but also focused on Mary and her Foundations involvement in different issues. Among others interviewed a leader of a women's Crises centre, who said that she has quite a good ability talking with both the women and children, but also with the professionals that she meets.

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