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CPF presents Anders Lassen grants, as patron

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2. december 2016

H.K.H. Kronprinsen overrækker som protektor legater for Anders Lassen Fonden. Kastellet, København, kl. 13.00

2. December 2016, 1:00 pm

H.R.H The Crown Prince presents, as patron, grants for the Anders Lassen Foundation.

The Citadel, Copenhagen







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"HRH Crown Prince Frederik with scholarship recipient Sergeant Morten Mathiasen from the Guard Hussars Regiment, who received a grant among

others for his tireless efforts for acceptance of injured veterans in Danish society."



"The next recipient was Major General Michael Lollesgaard, who is currently the Force Commander of the UN force in Mali, MINUSMA.
The reason for the award was:
"Major General Michael Lollesgaard ... You have been a notisable commander with a clear vision, determination and integrity, but also been soldiers man

regardless of nationality." Later in the explanatory memorandum it says:
You have made demands on governments for support for MINUSMA without regard to your future work, and focused entirely on the best solutions for the mission. "
Due to his deployment to Mali, Michael Lollesgaards parents, Kirsten and John, received the grant on their son's behalf."



"Representatives from the Jaegerkorps (The Hunter Corps) Social Network was awarded the grant by HRH Crown Prince Frederik for their work

to create a community for all families of the employees in the Special Forces."



"Likewise, representatives from the Frogman Corps Social Network was awarded a grant by HRH Crown Prince Frederik for their work to create a community

for the families of the employees of the Frogman Corps."




"Thanks to all recipients of the grants for your efforts at home and abroad.

On behalf of Anders Lassen Foundation

Jeppe Handwerk



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