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DRF Christmas 2016

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The DRF celebrates Christmas at Marselisborg this year, all 16 of them.


"Both Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim and their families spend Christmas with Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik at the palace in Aarhus.


It is the first time that the Queen and the Prince can rejoice in having all eight grandchildren gathered for Christmas at Marselisborg Palace, where Margrethe

and Henrik prefer to spend Christmas."


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An article from BB


"Queen Margrethe pampers the grandkids"


Machine translation:
Like any other grandmother, our (Denmark's) Queen has a very special relationship with her grandchildren. One of the special traditions is that each of the little princes and princesses receives an advent calendar leading up to Christmas.
An advent calendar with 24 small daily gifts is a lovely Danish Christmas tradition, which also thrives in the Royal Family. 


From 1950, Queen Margrethe and her two sisters each received an Advent calendar from their mother, Queen Ingrid, and the Queen has preserved the tradition in the family.
Both Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim were packing calendars with small gifts when they were living abroad - yes, the Crown Prince actually received 24 small calendar gifts from his mother, the year he studied in the United States.

Now the time as come for the grandchildren. And when Queen Margrethe as you know is very good at embroidery, she has obviously chosen to embroider a fine advent calendar for each of her grandchildren.

Special features of each calendar
Everyone gets a calendar with pockets, decorated with embroidered hearts and Christmas motifs, all inspired by a julemærkeark, (the Christmas stamp) which Queen Margrethe has designed.

But although the calendars have the same theme, each has unique advent calendar variations in the embroidery, so it's easy for the kids to recognize their own.

Christmas has been very important for many of Denmark's queens. One who exerted much effort in finding the perfect Christmas gifts for the whole family was Queen Alexandrine, who was married to King Christian X.


Queen Alexandrine's private room of Christmas gifts:


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"Advent/Christmas calendar on the DRF instagram profile


Starting today, December 1 until Christmas Eve, you can at Royal House Instagram profile follow an Advent calendar that H. M. The Queen has been part of

putting together.
From the private collection of Her Majesty the Queen's library, 24 photographs and manuscripts have been selected.


Behind the doors anything from the Queen's hand-drawn sketches of Christmas seals to photographs from the royal family's Christmas through the years will be hiding.
Every day a new door is opened on the royal house Instagramprofil where the Queen has contributed with details and stories to the calendar doors."



The first one is the photo of the big Christmas tree.



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"The Christmas tree in Frederik VIII's Palace is decorated by T.R.H. Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine.
The pictures are taken by HRH Crown Princess."




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The beautiful carpet/rug under the tree has been admired in the comments on DRF facebook.



Contrary to popular belief, it has not been made by Queen Margrethe. It's a wedding gift.


From a lady posting:

"It was as a delightful surprise to see the Christmas tree carpet in use at Amalienborg, it was a wonderful process to sew the carpet 13 years

ago and send it to the Crown Prince couple's wedding - good to see it being used"


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DRF advent calendar day today:


"December 9
At Fredensborg Castle there is a tradition to write on the windows - even on Christmas Eve" (Christmas 2006)



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Happy Christmas everyone! Thanks for gathering the latest news. :rose:


Syndicated article picked up by BT

about Queen Margrethe's Christmas traditions



A few snippets from the article:

This year, Christmas will be celebrated at Marselisborg palace in Aarhus, with the entire family gathering (QM & Henrik's descendants and their partners).

Quotes from QM:

"It's great that we can gather all together at once, so I am looking forward very much to. It is cozy and fun.".

"It's very tradition bound. There must be rice pudding, and there must be duck. In my family, we have never eaten risalamande, we eat rice pudding," [with only one lucky almond in it, as] we've always done it. I think actually that both my sons thought it was fun and exciting, when they were children."

The Queen has often used her creative talents to surprise recipients with homemade gifts.

"As a child we did indeed always make presents ourselves, more or less. When I was little, I painted hangers."

Her Majesty has maintained the tradition of giving homemade gifts.

"I have also made things as an adult. This might be something I have embroidered." she says.



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