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Crown Princess Mary's birthday 2018

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A very Happy Birthday to Crown Princess Mary!


BB article


"Huge Congratulations - all of Denmark's Crown Princess turns 46 years"

There is a gallery when you scroll down the page.

Some excepts from the article:

"Since her marriage to Denmark's Crown Prince, Crown Princess Mary has been noted with her unremitting efforts as a distinguished and charismatic representative of the Danish royal house and for her great social commitment."

"In both Denmark and abroad, Crown Princess Mary is recognized as an advocate of women and women's rights and health. 

At the same time, Crown Princess Mary is deeply engaged in the struggle against social isolation as chairman of the Mary Foundation."



BB also has a little article online explaining that Crown Prince Frederik will have to be in South Korea on his wife's birthday (as a member of the Coordinating Committee for the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang).

The writer guesses this birthday will be enjoyed with the Crown Prince Couple's four children, with some special guests dropping by to help celebrate.



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BB video portrait



"... Mary fulfills her role as representative of the royal house in an amazing way ..  a pleasure to experience in the role of loving mother for her four beautiful children.

... Also as an individual, the Crown Princess delivers the goods when she focuses on women's rights both in Denmark and in, for example, Africa. Crown Princess Mary is in all a woman we can be proud of here in Denmark. "

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The Christmas Seal Foundation and Mother's Help (second) wishing a Happy Birthday to their patron.




The Museum of Natural History:



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