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Day 2 - CPC at Japanese Enthronement Ceremonies

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Banquet hosted by the PM and his wife, today 6 pm.

Dress code: Lounge suit/national attire and cocktail dress/national attire



Venue          Hotel New Otani Tokyo

Time            October 23rd, 18:00 -21:00



Cocktails in the Fuyo banquet room

The Prime Minister and his spouse greet guests.

Guests then move to the Tsurubanquet room.

Cultural performanceSanba-so Kyogen, Kabuki & BunrakuperformanceShakkyo” Noh performance


Speech and toast by the Prime Minister

Guests exit the room

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15 hours ago, jema said:

You can  see this scene at 20sec.  😊

news video https://www.fnn.jp/posts/00426064CX/201910231806_CX_CX

Another video of this scene (with German commentary): Bunte

From the picture I thought Masako and Mary were laughing because Frederik had said something funny. But it seems they were laughing about Mary's curtsey.

Anyway, the video commentary is primarly about Masako looking happy and laughing with Maxima and Mary.


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