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Day 3 & 4 - Germany

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Friday, 12 November


News media conference at Humboldt Forum
09:45 am
The Queen holds a news media conference.


Official welcome at Residenz München
1:45 pm 
The Queen alone continues the visit in the state of Bavaria’s capital, Munich. Her Majesty is officially welcomed on the square in front of Residenz München, which is the former royal palace of the Wittelsbach monarchs of Bavaria. Now, Residenz München is a museum and houses reception rooms for the Bavarian minister president.


Visit at the Glyptothek 
2:45 pm   
The Queen visits Glyptothek, Munich’s oldest public museum, which in its time was built by the Bavarian King Ludwig I to house his collection of Greek and Roman sculptures. At the museum, visitors can, among other things, view works by Bertel Thorvaldsen, commissioned by King Ludwig I, and Her Majesty will tour the exhibition in connection with the visit.

The visit at the Glyptothek is in extension of the celebration of the 250th anniversary of Thorvaldsen in 2020 and the recently concluded exhibition in Munich, “Bertel Thorvaldsen and Ludwig 1”.


Visit at Munich Urban Colab
4:00 pm 
The Queen visits Munich Urban Colab, which is part of Europe’s largest entrepreneurship center “UnternehmerTUM”. Munich Urban Colab is an example of how Bavaria has increased the effort around sustainable entrepreneurship. During the visit, Her Majesty will, among other things, be introduced to selected innovation workshops and greet Danish start-ups.


State banquet at Residenz München
7:30 pm 
In connection with The Queen’s visit, a state banquet is held at Residenz München.


Cancelled due to Covid


Saturday, 13 November


Visit at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich
10:00 am 
The Queen visits the Academy of Fine Arts Munich, which is one of the world’s most recognized educational institutions for handicrafts and design. In connection with the visit, Her Majesty will, among other things, be shown works by the academy’s students and visit the jewelry workshops. 

The visit marks a new fellowship collaboration between the Danish Arts Foundation and the Academy that builds upon the major exhibitions of Danish jewelry art in 2020 at the State Collections of Antiquities in Munich and the Museum of Applied Arts in Cologne, respectively.

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12 minutes ago, mls said:

I wonder why a start-up visit was planned for her?....Frederik, yes, but QM??

I was actually wondering the same thing.  This type of event is right up Frederik's alley (or even Mary's alley as well).  I kind of thought the same with the visit to the hospital on day 1 tbh.

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BB article with video of entire press conference 




It was about both the love for Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary's great efforts, the relationship with Germany and what, in the Queen's own words, insanely difficult German language and an unexpected challenge during the meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel, when Queen Margrethe met the Danish press on Friday morning. 

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BB is working OT:




The Queen's blunt statement about her cigarettes


The question was exactly how the Royal House could become more climate-friendly in the future.

I smoke without a filter

To which Queen Margrethe replied: 

- It's not so much a question of whether robots can pick things up. It's a matter of not throwing things away. And it applies to all of us that we should not. Such as shutters and the like. Now I belong to those who smoke without a filter, so it disappears the next time it rains, it sounded with a laugh that quickly spread to everyone around her. 


What does that mean about so it disappears the next time it rains?  Sometimes Google translate is a little dubious.  

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