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  1. abbie

    DRF Christmas 2020

    Lovely, I have been waiting to see the family for Christmas and they didn't disappoint. The video with Grace is great and I love the photo.
  2. abbie

    DRF Christmas 2019

    Wishing all a happy, peaceful Christmas and a safe, happy and healthy New Year. I would also like to extend my thanks to Mls for all the great work.
  3. Lovely outfit, the colour is beautiful and Mary so elegant.
  4. Mary looks lovely, always so impressed by her and the work she does.
  5. Lovely, the Crown Princess brings the twins with her.
  6. I love the last photo it shows warmth and a great relationship.
  7. Thanks mls, I look forward to this. Do you think any of the children will attend today or perhaps tomorrow?
  8. abbie

    DRF Christmas 2018

    So lovely, the children grow so quickly and are so happy always to spend time together, thanks to the family for sharing this and mls for posting.
  9. I love it, the more I see the colors and the HQ photos the more I fall in love with it. Mary looked so regal.
  10. Nice dress of Mary, it is different but I like it.
  11. wow, we will see this today I think. Frederik has been given some great gifts.
  12. I look forward to this always lovely to see the family and the children never disappoint, they are always so involved.
  13. Yes, lucky it wasn't, love the look on Mary's face . I like her outfit a lovely color.
  14. Hi mls, I am not the best this is a link but not sure if it works correctly. //www.iltalehti.fi/kuninkaalliset/201809132201192774_kg.shtml
  15. I really like the dress, Mary looks lovely.
  16. Thanks cph, I thought I had checked everything at the same time as watching on a couple of different sites, must have missed it. A beautiful couple love Mary's dress just the right amount of sparkle.
  17. Are there no full length pics of Frederik and Mary? I see a couple but there is someone fully or partially standing in in front of them.
  18. Looks like a lovely day for a run, so good to see Mary and her little group running, Christian and Isabella are happy confident kids.
  19. Thanks, I had not seen the link, it looks interesting and something that gives us a look at little more of their personal life, not that I think they need to share more than they already do.
  20. Lovely Mary, I like the green skirt, Mary always looks so good in midi length skirts
  21. will this program be available for people outside of Denmark? I would love to see it.
  22. All on the same day I didn't realise that, I hope CP Mary and all or maybe just the older children run together in at least one of the races, although perhaps the children are not so fond of running. Thank mls for the further info, the runs are a great way of getting the people involved.
  23. Thanks mls for all the updates. Looking great all the events. Has it been advised the numbers of runs that CP Frederik himself is to participate in?
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