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  1. Could it be cottage in Trend?
  2. Year-end message by Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Denmark, Patron of the WHO Regional Office for Europe https://www.euro.who.int/en/about-us/patron/news/news/2020/12/year-end-message-by-her-royal-highness-the-crown-princess-of-denmark,-patron-of-the-who-regional-office-for-europe?fbclid=IwAR0BmorUtl0wxT66fNbw-g4MSh2tR1S56--fIr8YpljP1NTSbAg-A8ynWFc
  3. GalaSH

    Summer news 2020

    Gallery https://www.anpfoto.nl/ search: Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark and wife Mary Elizabeth Donaldson Crown Princess of Denmark
  4. According to the belgian press King Philippe and Queen Mathilde will attend the gala dinner on 15 April.
  5. Maybe in the back garden? There are some changes.
  6. There was information that Margrethe, Frederick and Mary will visit Southern Jutland from July 9 to July 14, 2020. https://jv.dk/artikel/dronningen-og-kronprinseparret-markerer-genforeningen-i-t√łnder
  7. I think that this will be a very short stay in a Swiss school, between Christmas and winter holidays, about a month. Frederik will be in Lausanne part of this period . Perhaps the older children will be at the boarding school, while the younger ones will have a day school. This looks like a test of Christian and Isabella for the preparedness to study at a foreign international school for a longer period. Perhaps Frederik and Mary will share this month with their children.
  8. Mary attends the Longines FEI European Championships, which takes place in Rotterdam. https://www.seoghoer.dk/kongelige/kronprinsesse-mary-stoetter-de-danske-em-ryttere
  9. It was this week. Articles about the visit to the Faroe Islands. https://dagur.fo/fridrikur-krunprinsur-aftur-i-foroyum https://dagur.fo/listasavnid-fekk-ovaentada-vitjan-av-krunprinsinum https://dagur.fo/hansara-hatign-a-floti-vid-mortani https://www.in.fo/news-detail/news/fridrikur-krunprinsur-a-vitjan-i-foeroyum/
  10. GalaSH

    Summer news 2019

    Article and gallery with 18 photos from Skagen. https://www.seoghoer.dk/kongelige/kronprinsfamilien-paa-badeferie
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