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  1. CP Mary and Bubber talking to 6 children about feeling lonely (in Danish). The article in the Danish Radio website includes a short video - link: http://www.dr.dk/nyheder/indland/video-kronprinsesse-mary-har-foelt-sig-ensom-det-er-som-vaere-i-en-boble The article in short: As part of the Danish Radio's Ultra Galla 2015 and the work of the Mary Foundation, CPM and Danish actor Bubber (his nickname) met with 6 children who have all experienced the feeling of loneliness. CPM says loneliness is hard to comprehend and to understand. Even surrounded by friends one can still feel lonely. On the other hand, having only a single friend does not mean one has to feel lonely. CPM herself knows all about feeling as she lost her mom as a 25 year old. "It was like being inside a bubble. As if no one understood me. It's a strong emotion and hard to comprehend", CPM explains to the six children. In the article, two of the six children express how they felt during times og loneliness.
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