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  1. So true. Of course we love a good tiara event: the History, the jewels, the gowns. But that is not what the majority of the events. Specially in 2020.
  2. It really looked like she was about to cry, and I just love that this was taking place in a school with kids, with similiar ages as those young women. It is no important to kids to learn about other realities. Love the danish girl who asked: "What can we do here, for you? " This is why I watch royals. I become aware of so importante things. I become better.
  3. This is so sad and inspired on the same time. Im not gonna lie. I cried a lot. We are privileged, guys. We are so privileged.
  4. I think you are completly right about that. At least in 2016 Princess Marie attended CPH Pride as patron of the AIDS Fondet. Not sure who was de first member of the family to show their support to the cause. But I'm glad they did.
  5. Aw, I prefer the Fred in Quarentine version! ☺️
  6. Copenhagen jeweler Flora Danica created this modern tiara especially for Princess Marie.
  7. The restaurant has the same name of a tiara designed for Princess Marie.
  8. OH my God. I just had the time now to read and see all the pictures and information about this event. Cleary it means a lot for Frederik and was so wonderful to see the Crown Prince Family so close to the public, engaged and having a great time with all. Inspiring!!!
  9. Watching Mary is a really joy. She is so lovely and does an wonderful job as a Crown Princess. And regarding style and grace, come on...she invented these words!!!
  10. No ruby parure for Crown Princess Mary. She wore her new tiara-necklace. It's the first time Mary doesn't wear the ruby parure tiara on this event.
  11. Yes. That's for sure. I love Mary on this visits. It's like the aussie Mary shows up again. Lovely.
  12. Wonderful pictures. Im so sorry belgaimage doesn't able us to embed their pictures on blogs...
  13. We'll probably only see the arrivals. With lucky some full lenght pictures of them leaving an hotel, or something. With VERY lucky a group picture may be released, but I won't hold my breath on that.
  14. Gallery fof the Vatican Visit https://www.gettyimages.pt/fotos/pope-francis-meets-crown-princess-mary-and-crown-prince-frederik-of-denmark?family=editorial&phrase=pope francis meets crown princess mary and crown prince frederik of denmark&sort=best#license
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