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  1. 😁 😍 Already one of my favorites this year
  2. This is a very gorgeous picture of him with glasses on.
  3. Glad we got some photos. Busy Mary per usual
  4. Now the first pictures from the family's new life have spread on the internet. The pictures show how the Crown Prince family goes for a leisurely walk in the small ski resort - with the dog Grace in a leash https://www.svenskdam.se/kungligt/forsta-bilderna-pa-marys-nya-liv-i-schweiz/
  5. And in connection with this new patronage an event for Frederik on January 31st "Now the Crown Prince has agreed to become the patron of the HCØ2020 celebration. The Crown Prince has pledged to participate in the official launch of the HCØ2020 celebration when the Crown Prince, at a grand opening event on January 31, "cuts the electromagnetic cord" and officially launches a year celebrating H.C. Ørsted 's discovery of electromagnetism."
  6. Photos from Christmas day https://m.facebook.com/groups/1538116153168956?view=permalink&id=2401598780154018
  7. Always a joy to see their Christmas videos. https://www.billedbladet.dk/kongelige/danmark/soed-julehilsen-mary-frederik-og-boernene-pynter-juletrae
  8. Thanks for the info Two more photos in this link https://www.maryfonden.dk/da/node/1703?fbclid=IwAR3-nbhy1NkZWJqaiC6-I0reZI22MC7tdHyBy69RrFnhmaxUlEXLGx8cZFE
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