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  1. And from Anna Johannesen in Billed Bladet today this is reported : Kronprinsesse Mary: Jeg er simpelthen så glad and the machine translation:
  2. Agree gudinde, I found it bizarre. I suppose Berlingske Tidende were looking for an angle, but it isn't their usual style. Mary herself writes at the beginning of the newsletter: "News from Mary Fonden [has been] written in turns by our director, by our project manager and by me - and [also] other relevant people." Anyway, here is the Danish original pdf : Nyt fra Mary Fonden and here is a GramTrans translation (such as it is):
  3. http://www.b.dk/danmark/mini-nytaarstale-fra-mary Berlingske Tidende has a strange article about it quoting Klaus Kjøller, a lecturer in rhetoric (it doesn't say where). He makes critical remarks about how Mary's 'hand' is there but was written by 'someone from the ministry' to begin with.
  4. UNFPA Dispatch : Fistula survivors meet the Danish Crown Princess Just a little note: many Australians will know about this (lots of Australian girls schools do fund raising for this cause), but there is a very notable Australian connection here and I think it is wonderful that Mary is involved with this. Dr Catherine Hamlin is an (awesome!!) obstetrician and gynaecologist who went with her husband to Ethiopia over 50 years ago in association with AusAid. They set up the now famous hospital to help fistula patients and have extended the program in many ways, through building new hospitals, training fistula doctors and nurses (many are former fistula sufferers themselves) and setting up education programmes. They also set up the "Village of Joy" for the 7% or so of fistula survivors who cannot be cured surgically and cannot return to their villages. Although now well into her 80s Catherine Hamlin still spends most of her time in Ethiopia or touring to raise funds (I think she was on Oprah's show a few years ago) and although she has children and grandchildren in Sydney, she regards the women she helps as her 'children' too. Hamlin Fistula Relief & Aid Fund Catherine Hamlin on Wikipedia If you don't know about fistulas here is a little from a PBS item "A Walk to Beautiful" on You Tube: The full PBS documentary of 52 minutes is here. Here is Caroline Ditina's story from the Democratic Republic of Congo:
  5. I second that! Lovely to see you mayflower
  6. TV2 Mary Foundation documentary airs 20:35 Link
  7. Maybe Prince Henrik thinks his son can sit at the adult's table after his 40th birthday. In any case, he he has now entrusted the job as the Danish Marine Society's honorary president to the Crown Prince. Since 1976 the Prince Consort has handled the job as honorary president of the Danish Marine Society's roughly 10,000 members, of which by far the majority have done or currently do service under the Naval flag, Ritzau reports. On July 1st 2008 the duty is taken over by Crown Prince Frederik, who in 1996 was appointed as honorary member of the society. The naval society, which was founded on April 30th, 1913, has been in the good graces of the royal house since its inception. In 1914 Prince Valdemar became the society's first honorary chairman. Following his death in 1939 he was replaced by the Crown Prince's maternal grandfather, then Crown Prince Frederik, and later King Frederik IX, who was the society's honorary president until his death on January 14th, 1972. Prince Knud handled the presidency from 1975 to his death on June 14th, 1976.
  8. kay, I doubt there is one. It seems to have been an exclusive internal palace/court event. So far the only pics are two by Steen Brogaard. Usually when he does the official pics at Amalienborg, the media is fairly limited -- just one or two journalists and Brogaard.
  9. bonsai first alerted us to this last year here. :@: Is on Mary's Honorary Memberships page here. Some info about what it is: Carter Center - Health Programs PDF file on Carter Center/World Mental Health activities in 2002 Nothing on Denmark in the pdf doc because pre-Mary. World Federation for Mental Health Rosalynn Carter the founding chair. Women Leaders Put Mental Health on World Agenda/Carter Centre press release (from 1997 - just gives an orientation from time of foundation) It is not updated, wonder if there are things in the works?
  10. Her Majesty The Queen has an audience with Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican, Rome, at 11am
  11. Valdemar My thanks also for your translation. ^thumbsup^ Also, a thank you to userdane for a translation on page 4 of potter's earlier post. We non Danish speakers wouldn't have a clue otherwise. Hah!! a statement of the obvious Lotte
  12. Ingrid :@: has inspired a thread on Frederik's patronages. Frederik already has many well established patronages, but like Mary, his responsibilities are only likely to increase. We have a thread for Mary's patronages here but, as F&M's patronages are separate, we can post information and discussion about Frederik's here. I guess we may expect Frederik to participate in this event. Ingrid Thanks Ingrid ^thumbsup^ :@:
  13. FashionBug888 As potter has said, a patronage is a role of support from someone who is in a position to help draw attention to a cause which is usually through an official organisation. Mary is developing patronages as she grows into her role as CPss (not yet quite a year!) and she does them exactly the same way every other royal does them. In fact, we do not even know all the behind the scenes support and activity there is by the royals for their patronages, we mostly just see the public face through events determined by the organisations which are represented by whichever royal. Re donating money, it was reported F&M privately donated money for the Red Cross Tsunami Appeal, like so many millions of other people all around the world, but that is not their primary function in being a patron. It is the drawing power of the royal which allows an organisation to raise its public profile and raise funds. Re marketing, my guess would be that is not Mary's main role as patron. But, with more experience over the years I am sure she will be able to make many behind the scenes contributions to the organisations she works with, just as Queen Ingrid must have, as QMII must do, and all the rest. The fact is we do not know the full extent of the royal involvement, I do know from the BRF that the involvement can be quite extensive and not really reported by the media. What we do know is that Mary has chosen patronages in consultation with the court and the organisations who have asked for her and that she has chosen ones that she believes she can contribute to. She will have these pretty well for the rest of her life, so it is important in these early days that these selections are carefully done and also leave room for many new ones in the future for when eventually she becomes queen. We already have separate threads for everything Mary does so I'm not sure re your part marked in bold above. If you want to make a list for this thread you are more than welcome. Also: Aren't we already doing this in this thread? Mary, nor any other royal for that matter, is not just a person who does charity work. It is a complex role which is connected to the social fabric of Danish life, it is also her personal life lived in public and there are symbolic dimensions, too, and it is all rolled up into one--that would be more than a handful for most people, don't you think? Lotte
  14. Thor, Thanks for the cricket link. Where are the crowds watching the games? A cricket match in Australia is huge. We are in the off season here now (the various footballs are played in winter, cricket in summer). I see Denmark plays against county cricket teams in England. A few top Aussie players go to England to play county cricket in our off season so there might be a bit of F) + <au> England has had to import an Australian to coach their test team (that's the top national representative tier in cricket)--it's hard to beat the Aussies, so they need some extra special help (inside knowledge ). Lotte
  15. Well all the patronages are worthy aren't they? But the one I like among these new ones is the Danish Refugee Council. I wish we had a Mary for such an organisation in Australia A pity she knocked back the cricket they might have expected a yes since the blokes in her family are into cricket. I don't imagine cricket is a major sport in Denmark (??) --Mary has grown up on the best cricket team in the world!! Lotte
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